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All You Want To Know About Beagle Dog Breed

Are you looking out for a great companion for yourself? Why not choose a Beagle dog for you and your family! They are amazing creatures and are sure to prove to be the most sought after dog breed.

But if you are still confused and want to know more about this beautiful breed of the dog here are some information about them:

  • Size: The beagle dog breed also known as English beagles are members of hound groups. This breed of dog size varies from small to medium sized. They are smaller in size than foxhound as they have shorter legs but longer and softer ears.
  • Companionship: Beagles are very adventurous and energetic dogs. They love human companionship. They love their owners and fill their life with oozing energy and spirits. Beagles since time immemorial are known to serve as a hunting dog as they have a strong sense of smell and love to explore forests when out for a walk.
  • Calm: Beagles are generally calm and gentle at home. For this reason beagles are one of the best breed to have if you have children at home. There is no other breed than beagle’s who are as tolerant as them with kids. They are intelligent, and good at solving problems.
  • Care and grooming: The beagle requires less maintenance. They need minimal bathing or brushing. However, their ears are prone to infections so you need to clean them regularly to prevent chronic problems. Their nails require regular trimming.
  • Beagle training: This breeding needs training to control their vocalizations and to make them obedient. They should not be left alone because their tendency to bark and howl. While training, you should be observant of the beagle’s body language. Dog should be calm if you want it to respond better to the training. Try to make eye contact with the dog as you need him to know that you are the leader and also make sure you are holding your pet attention. Train him with the basic commands of “no”, “sit”, “come”. Name recognition is also important. Once the beagle learns this command it will be great at playing fetch.
  • Health check-up: It is suggested by veterinarians that a before a Beagle is adopted it must undergo tests for knee problems, eye problems, hip dysplasia or thyroid. Beagles have a life span of 10-15 years. They may undergo minor health problems in life.
  • Workout: A regular daily exercise regime is important to keep your dog healthy both mentally and physically. Take your dogs to areas where he can run around and stretch his legs. They love to roam in woodland areas where they can run through trees and bushes. They love to explore different paths.

After reading this surely you will feel like bringing the little one soon into your home and filling your life with happiness and energy! As they never come alone in your home loads of positivity follow them.

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