Best Pet Fish For Kids

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The best Fish to keep for children is one that is easy to look after and simple to maintain. My father always kept a large tankful (or two) fish. It was so much fun to watch them swim, eat, and hide in their little fish houses. My imagination was able to roam freely in the tank, which was like a paradise.

Best Fish for Children

As I grew older, I wanted my own fish tank to care for them. Not all the Fish in my father’s tanks were suitable for beginners. Which one is right for you?

What is the best fish to get for a child?

What are the best Fish to buy for children? You will want to start with a fish that can live in freshwater, given the cost. Saltwater tanks are more costly to maintain. Children love Fish as pets because they don’t require much attention. The tank will need to be cleaned and fed regularly by your child. Your child can learn responsibility by caring for their pet.

List of the best Fish for children

  • Goldfish
  • Guppies (best pet fish for small tanks)
  • Tetra
  • Betta Fish ( the easiest Fish to care in a bowl
  • Platy Fish
  • Angel Fish require a larger tank
  • Molly Fish (add some aquarium salt).

You will need to ensure that your child has the correct type of fish tank and supplies. You will also need fish food, a pH test kit, and decorations to keep your Fish happy.

What type of Fish requires low maintenance?

You want your child to be able to care for the Fish. Your child shouldn’t have to spend too much time caring for the Fish. These are four Fish that require minimal maintenance.

  • Bettas
  • Platy Fish
  • Black Molly
  • Goldfish

Fish tanks that require little maintenance

The question of what material a fish tank is made from is important when considering its size. You can make fish tanks from plastic (acrylic) or glass. Acrylic is easy to clean and doesn’t crack, which is great for kids. Acrylic weighs less than glass. It can be scratched, which can make it less fun to watch the Fish. This fish tank makes a great starter choice. It also has LED lights, making it eco-friendly. You can also get water and food care samples.

pH Test Kit

It is necessary to change the water in the tank and then clean it once a week. You will need to add water after you have done that. To ensure your Fish doesn’t get shocked when you return it to the tank, be sure to keep an eye on the pH level and water temperature. Begin by working with your child to help them understand the process.


A fish’s world is part of the fun of keeping one. It’s tempting to buy neon pink sand or superhero-themed decorations. But, think about what your Fish would experience if he lived in natural surroundings. Because of studies that have shown stress to Fish, you might encourage them to use natural sand and decorations more realistically.

I hope you found this information helpful.

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