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Can Dogs Eat Apples


Biologically speaking, dogs are naturally designed to eat only rawhide and meat. They have sharp and powerful dogs to rip away the flesh and munch on bones. Nowhere in the mouth can you find molars or pre-molars that are used extensively for grinding food. Hence, dogs are primarily fed only bones, meat and animal hide.

Can Dogs Eat Apples

Well, there can be no generalized answers to this question, but the odds are favourable for your dog friend if you occasionally let him munch a piece of your apple or let him have apple pie or add apple juices to his daily food for a change. Vets are all for introducing apples into your dogs diet but not going overboard with it.

Pros of Feeding your Dog Apples

1. Your dog can be protected from cancer as apples contain phytonutrients that decrease or destroy the carcinogenic content in dog food, thus warding off or at best delaying dog cancer.

2. Apples contain generous amounts of vitamin A and C, both of which are highly useful for dogs. They help the dog fight off disease like ëhip dysplasiaí Moreover, meat and animal hide is deficient in vitamins and minerals and apples can help fulfil these vitamin requirements in your dog.

3. Apples contain dietary fibre, which, when consumed in moderation, can strengthen your dogís metabolism and immune system. Excretion and roughage emission is also made easier with fibre.

4. Apples are a good source of omega ñ three and omega ñ six fatty acids. These acids help fortify your dog’s immune system and ensure that your dog has a shiny coat and lustrous hair.

Cons of Feeding your Dog Apples

As stressed above, apples are to be fed only in moderation. Overfeeding your dog with apples can lead to the following dysfunctions.

1. While apples are great for dogs, apple seeds are not! Apple seeds contain amygdalin, a type of cyanide, which can severely hamper blood flow in dogs and destroy their intestinal lining.

2. Diarrhea and kidney stones can be formed in dogs if overfed with apples, owing to the high calcium and phosphorus deposits in them.

What Does Dogs Eat? 

Dogs remain one of humanity’s most cherished pets. Because they serve as pals and securities to their owners. One of the most interesting things about dogs is their ability to sense impending danger and warn their owners of it with some strange attitudes. One another things that are also fascinating about dogs are their nutrition and diet.

One question this article is mainly centred on is that “Can dogs eat an apple ?”. Yes, they can. You can chop them, peel them or core them. All you need to do is make sure that they don’t eat the seeds or stem since they contain large amounts of toxins that are harmful to the dog’s health. They can cause abnormal functioning of the blood and destroying the linen walls of the stomach. Feeding the dog with a whole apple is not a good idea, but the rest of the apple is safe for dogs to eat. It is very interesting to note dogs have a great appetite for all kinds of foods that appeals to them.

Apples are very good for dogs because they help in bloating, loose stools, gutted stomach walls etc. But I wonder how it will digest easily in their stomach since cows even find it difficult to take these apples. I believe dogs possess a natural “stomach grinder” different from ruminants. By the way, giving the dog an apple every day helps to vet away. Like humans, fruits are very important for our upbuilding so do dogs. It is even believed in some parts of North Africa that dogs that take in more apple are more “beautiful” and “handsome” than those who feed on a normal diet. Wow, this is interesting. Beautiful and Handsome? I am yet to see an “ugly” dog.

The phytonutrients apples contain helps prevent some cancer disorders in these dogs; examples are crunchy treats of the dogs are a good source of dietary fibre that enables cancer disorders in the dog’s body to disappear. Also, the apples contain omega-three and omega-six fatty acids. This will help prevent dog diseases and ensure that the dog’s texture and coat are in good shape. It is also believed that phytonutrients enhance dogs’ sexual staminal rate, enabling them to perform better sex with their partners. It is believed that these nutrients stimulate the sex drive of the dog to have better sex with a partner. Likewise, human beings, dogs with better sex with their partners, are believed to have more sexual partners than those whose drive is normal. Female partners lurk around for sex. That is very wonderful. This is all due to the phytonutrients in the apples. Better sexual drive with more partners among animals? Wow.

Finally, the large consumption of apples in dogs can lead to stomach upset that will cause the dog to suffer from diarrhea. Apples have high recurring sugar level. Sugar is from the processing sugar and is therefore found in dog treats. With this, the reaction created makes the linen in the stomach tracts up and down. Natural Sugar can cause obesity in the dog if it is allowed to stuff the whole apple itself. Apples have great benefits for the dog and can help in physical health traction.

Are Apples Good For Dogs

Apples are eaten in a lot more ways than just the raw form. They are baked, cooked, made into apple sauces, and apple juice is well-liked by children! People have a habit of sharing whatever they eat with their pets. Hence, dogs are given apples too. But we also know that all those foods that are good for us humans need not be equally good for animals. When it comes to fruits, most of them are good for dogs, just as they are good for human beings. Humans and dogs are 95% similar in genes but do have a different metabolic system. The digestive system of our dog friends has additional capabilities. Hence, some foods which we eat in our day to day lives may hurt dogs. So, is it okay to feed apples to dogs? Dogs would get the same nutrition from apples that we humans get but are they capable of digesting an apple? Can dogs eat apples?

When it comes to the preference of dogs, well, they love eating apples and with gusto! Apples are high in nutrition and fibre. Being a good source of vitamin C, it helps dogs who suffer from hip dysplasia. Many human foods have high saturated fat content in them. Saturated fat causes the development of heart problems in dogs. Apples come as a handy snack for dogs as they are low in sodium and saturated fat; hence, they can be given to your pet daily. This fruit is known to control and cure skin allergies too. Regular consumption of apples gives flawless skin. The fruit has a high omega-three content and omega-six fatty acids content, which gives them a healthy and shiny coat.

Even though apples are beneficial for dogs, an owner should be alert while feeding their dogs with apples as there are parts of an apple that dogs should not eat. The stem, the leaves and the seeds are toxic to their system. The substance called ‘cyanogenic glycosides’ in apples can lead to cyanide poisoning if consumed. The most hazardous substance is in the seeds. Hence, one should prevent their pet from eating or chewing the seeds of an apple. Consumption of too much apple can also be a reason for digestive problems in your dog. And no owner would like to deal with dog diarrhea! Dogs are good eaters. Therefore, precaution must be taken, and they must be given apples in moderation.

Dogs give a pleading look when they see their owner munching food; saying no to them is not what we like doing, but don’t worry! Share your apple with your canine friend but take care that you don’t feed them seeds along with the fruit and make sure that the apple is well chopped.

Other ‘Human Foods’ that Dogs Can Eat are:

Melons, Baby Carrots, Tomatoes, Oat bran, Broccoli, Wheat, Beet Pulp, Sunflower Seeds (shelled), Soybean Hulls, Rice Bran, Citrus Pulp, Peanut Butter, Berries (fresh and frozen), Cooked Chicken, Cheese, Bananas, Bread, Potatoes, Spinach etc.

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