Cat Eye Infection

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Shortly after Mary and Jim adopted their new kitten from the animal shelter, it was diagnosed with a minor eye infection (bacterial). From the information we gathered, it was decided that the disease was probably caused by a deficient diet and stress, which led to a weakened immune system. The owners wanted to know what safe alternatives could be used to clear the infection.

I informed them that the basis for any treatment program is a healthy diet. I then designed a diet plan of raw foods that included whole fresh ground meats and a finely chopped vegetable mixture that could be added to the meat before serving. I taught them about health supplements and how to use an eyewash solution to help clear the infection. After utilizing this plan, the cat was back to normal within a few days, and the eye infection was history.

A diet program that includes whole foods has a healing effect on the body. It strengthens the immune system, is easily digested, and provides the nutrients required for a healthy, happy pet. Those animals with a strong immune system rarely, if ever, become ill. So, our focus was to provide this kitten with a nutrient-rich diet, which included dietary supplements and a herbal eye drop solution. This program would boost the kitten’s immune system and increase its resistance to infection to prevent chronic infection pattern in the future.

Cat Eye Infection Home Remedy


Diet plays an enormous role in keeping your cat healthy and disease-free. The diet I recommend contains fish, turkey and chicken meat and fish and a small percentage of vegetables. By strengthening the body with a nutritious diet, we reduce the chance of infection. Natural real foods are the ones that are inextricably linked to the life they support. There is an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and many other chemicals in natural food, such as fresh raw chicken, chopped carrot and zucchini.


Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, antioxidant, and anti-stress nutrient. It assists in collagen production, iron absorption, red blood cell formation, and proper function of the adrenal glands, burn and wound healing, and boosts immune system function. I recommend vitamin C in cases of infection, stress, and cats that need a boost to their immune system.

Probiotics are often used in cases of immune system deficiency, stress and when antibiotics are used. The single organisms that I recommend are Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. These supplements increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, which is destroyed by antibiotics. These “good” bacteria are helpful because they keep the pathogenic bacteria and fungi at bay and act as a natural antibiotic and antifungal. Probiotics can be used alone for minor infections and in severe disease, along with antibiotic therapy. If antibiotic treatment is used, I recommend that a probiotic be used for at least three weeks following treatment.

Wheatgrass freshly grown can be a part of a healthy cat diet. Cats love to nibble on grass, and this is especially nice for those cats that live indoors or in the city where they may never have the opportunity to eat fresh grass. To grow your wheatgrass, simply purchased some wheat berry grains at a health food market. Using quality rich soil, sprinkle the wheat berries over the ground and place in a sunny window. Water or mist the seeds lightly each day, and soon you’ll see your seeds sprout and develop into grass shoots.

Eye Infection in Cats Treatment

A herbal infusion can be used as an eyewash. Eyebright (Euphrasia Officinalis) is helpful for eye irritation, inflammation and acute and chronic infection, such as conjunctivitis. Golden Seal (Hydrastis Canadensis) can be used to clear up infected eyes that produce discharge. I use liquid extracts for preparing the infusion and mix them with boiling water. Pour only the amount of solution you’ll need into a small dish and refrigerate the rest. Cool the key to a proper temperature, then use a cotton ball, dip into the solution, gently wipe the eyes, and remove debris. Squeeze a drop or two of the key into the eyes as well. The treatment is given three times a day. Discard any unused portion. These remedies generally take 2-3 days before results are achieved.

An eye infection is usually a minor ailment but can be more serious if it involves an upper respiratory infection. Be sure to seek a diagnosis from your veterinarian before any treatment is begun. If a holistic approach is what you prefer, then a holistic doctor should be contacted for the proper treatment program.

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