Clicker Training For Dogs

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Clicker training is a great way of communicating with your dog clearly and precisely using Positive Reinforcement. Positive Reinforcement is used to strengthen desired behaviors by rewarding actions you like instead of punishing actions you don’t.

It is easy to learn, and it’s a powerful animal training tool.

A metal-and-plastic clicker is used to mark a behavior, and the trainer then rewards the dog. This action prompts the dog to repeat the operation while giving the effort precisely won the reward.

Not everyone approves of clicker training. One of the drawbacks is the use of food and treats to encourage your dog to perform certain actions. However, if trained properly, the regularity of these treats can be greatly reduced. Other negatives can result from inadequate training by owners not fully understanding the way operant conditioning works.

If you are interested in trying the clicker training method, there is an excellent guide called “Clicker training: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Super trainer.”

Clicker Training For Dogs

Here are a few of the things you will learn in this guide:

What Clicker Training is – and What it’s Not

Do you know what clicker training is? In our experience, most people don’t. It’s not about the clicker – it’s so much more…

Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Why is the dog doing that? This chapter will be an eye-opener! Get rid of superstitious explanations, and learn how to analyze behavior like a true Super trainer.

Secrets of Becoming a Super trainer

We reveal the four secrets and give you lots of examples of using them to solve problems and improve your training.

How to Find Effective Reinforcers

Many people believe that clicker trainers only use food. That is wrong. Good clicker trainers use lots of different reinforcers.

How to Condition the Clicker and How to Use Alternative Reward Markers.

The clicker is probably the best-conditioned reinforcer available, but you should also have alternatives.

Different Teaching Techniques and How to Choose Between Them

Clicker trainers (and other trainers) can always choose between several different teaching techniques when teaching a new behavior. A Super trainer should know all of them – and how to choose the right design for just that behavior.

How to Use Target Training Effectively – With Lots of Detailed Examples.

Target training is extremely useful in teaching several behaviors. You’ll learn how to teach several different target behaviors, and we’ll give you lots of examples of how you can use target training to teach new behaviors.

How to Teach Reliable Cues that Work in Real Life Situations

In clicker training, we first get the behavior without a cue. When the behavior is fluent (“automated”), we add the line. Then we take it on the road…

Back chaining – a Powerful Technique for the Advanced Trainer

Back chaining is THE key to reliability when you put several behaviors together. Morten and Cecilie are famous for their insight into back chaining techniques.

Crossover Dogs and How to Get Them Started

When you start clicker training a dog that has already been prepared with other methods, you will have to face some special challenges. Many (“crossover”)dogs are not used to (or afraid of) offering behaviors without being lured or cued to do so. We help you and your dog through the wonderful transition.

Dangerous Training Syndromes That 99% of All Dog Owners Suffer From

It (almost) never fails! Nearly every dog trainer on the planet seems to suffer from at least a few of these five training syndromes. But we have the cure for you… and it will make your training so much more effective!

Detailed Training Plans for 30 Behaviors

In the last part of the book, we convert the theory into practice. You’ll learn how to teach all the basic skills a perfect pet dog needs and some very advanced tricks that will impress your friends!

But what’s most important is this: When you have read this book, you will be able to make your training plan for the next 30 behaviors on your own! You are on your way to becoming a Super trainer.

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