Cyclosporine For Dogs

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We sure agree that dog is the most favorite pet in the world. But taking care of dog is not an easy way.  Moreover, is when the dog getting sick or have any allergy. It’s miserable to look at them feel pain because of the allergic. But don’t be worry, now we can treat our allergic dog with Cyclosporine.  Cyclosporine is an allergic commonly used dogs drug that contents immunossupresant. This drug is serves to decrease the allergy symptoms by muffling the cell mediated response of immune. Cyclosporine is a prescription to treat the related skin conditions immune such as atopic, perianal fistula, dermatitis inflammatory, pemphigus foliaceus, pyoderma and perianal fistula, as well as many other diseases that could be generally affecting on dogs.

Cyclosporine For Dogs

In some case, Cyclosporine is usually effective and safe. But sometimes it causes side effects in some dogs. Cyclosporine also has the side effect of the cure of mechanism. The most common side effects that appear when dogs receiving cyclosporine at a therapeutic dosage (5 mg/day or less) are gastrointestinal problems like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and anorexia. These side effects may occur in the first few weeks of administration and are commonly transient. But most of dog become feel better within a week, even if the dog still continue take the cyclosporine. It is need to note that this drug is not recommended in animal with history of kidney or liver problems.

There is a way that might be can minimized the side effects of cyclosporine. It starts at a gradually and lower dosage, then increase to the therapeutic dosage by administering the food with the medication. Metoclopramide might be administered about 30 to 60 minutes before the cyclosporine help to reduce gastrointestinal side effects in dogs exhibiting vomiting or nausea.

Cyclosporine is expensive enough to use, especially in a giant or large breed dogs. Depends on the dogs, cyclosporine might be given with the other drug, like ketoconazole, that is usually used to treat the infections of fungal. And if your dog is on this drug, it is important to make sure that there is no another medications without your veterinary permission. It may also take a few weeks or months to see the improvement of this drug in our dog’s allergy.

The caution to give Cyclosporine to the animal is really important to be noted. The efficacy and safety of cyclosporine to be consumed by dogs is under 4 lb are unknown or under 6 months old. The drug is only contraindicated for use by dogs that have any malignant neoplasia history and should not be given to pregnant or lactating bitches and breeding dogs. Because, in addition of the mechanism of the drug’s action, the factory recommend the killed vaccines that can be used in dogs that receiving cyclosporine.

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