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Looking Forward To Adopt A Dachshund? Read The Facts About Dachshund dog breed

If you are thinking of purchasing a dachshund, you will benefit from this article that contains all the facts about this hound dog. The dachshund originates from Germany and the name ‘dachshund’ means ‘badger hound’. The dog has narrow build so it is being nicknamed as sausage dog or a wiener.

Dachshund Dogs Characteristics mentioned below:

  • Size: Dachshund are of three sizes-standard, miniature and kaninchen. Standard dachshund weighs from 16 to 28 pounds, miniature weighs about 11 pounds, and kaninchen weighs between 8 to 10 pounds.
  • Life span: The lifespan of the dachshund is between 12 to 14 years with proper medical care, nutrition and good living condition.
  • Coat: The dachshunds are available in two varieties of coat, smooth and rough. The one with smooth variety has a short, shiny coat that is not too long. The other with rough coat has sleek, glistening and long and slightly wavy hair. The short haired has to get groomed weekly whereas long haired needs grooming daily. Brushing will help to maintain clean coat and strengthen your bond with it.
  • Friendly: They are active and playful dogs, best suited for families with children. These dogs are good with visitors as they don’t jump but get afraid after seeing strangers. They hate to be left alone. You should not encourage them to jump or climb stairs as it will put stress on their spine.  They are very obedient and thus great at dog shows and competitions.
  • With kids: The dachshund is comfortable with the older children. You should never leave young children with a puppy or dog unsupervised as it was originally bred to hunt.
  • Training: The dachshunds can be challenging to train. They love to chase birds and dig holes.
  • Health care: They need to exercise regularly as they have quick weight gaining capacity which can be hard on their back. Veterinarians recommend getting dachshund checked for skin problems, genetic eye problem, paralysis, diabetes and urinary tract problem. There are various other diseases too which are commonly found in this breed of the dogs.
  • Check-ups: The dachshunds should be taken to vet several times during the first year. As the dog gets older and reaches six years of age or so, they should be taken to the vet twice a year for shots and checkups. Avoid feeding your dog with sweets.
  • Grooming: Its teeth should be brushed twice a week with toothbrush designed for dogs. Its toenails need to be examined regularly. The front feet toenails grow faster than the toenails of the rear feet.
  • Ideal environment: this cute little creature is contended living in a small apartment and household. This breed is well known for its activeness both indoor and outdoor. They don’t want a yard to be playful and active they are satisfied with whatever space is available in the home.

This Dachshund guide is enough to help you make your decision. So, go and visit a shelter today and bring home this bundle of energy and happiness.

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