Egyptian Cat Names

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They adored the cats of the Ancient Egyptians. They loved cats more than they loved them. There have been many cat statues found in archeological sites that were once home to cats.

James Allen Baldwin, a scholar, says cats were first found in Egypt 5,000 years ago. They served many purposes, including protecting Egyptian homes from rodents and snakes and hunting birds. But they eventually became god-like.

Egyptians considered cats sacred. Let’s face it; cat lovers are not any different today. It seems appropriate to honor them with a name that Ancient Egypt inspires.

So that you can honor your adopted kitten or cat with Egyptian names, we have compiled a list.

These are our favorite Egyptian cat names.

Are you looking for an Egyptian name for your kitten? Here are eight ideas.

Sphinx. A mythological creature is known as a sphinx, or sphynx is a lion-headed mythological creature with a man’s head. One of Egypt’s most iconic statues is the Great Sphinx at Giza. It is a limestone statue from Giza, Egypt, that dates back to 4,500 years. It is so well-known that an entire breed of cats was named for it.

Bastet (or Bast). Bastet, a cat goddess, was fierce and nurturing. Bastet was associated with fertility and birth. She also protected us. In the 5th century B.C.E., Bastet enjoyed a cult-like following, and a temple dedicated her to her.

Mau. He was believed to have been the source of all cats on Earth. He is seen in the creation story as a guardian of the Tree of Life. Egyptian Maus are also short-haired spotted cats.

Tut. You’ve likely heard of King Tutankhamun (short for Tutankhamun). At just nine years old, he became king and died at the age of 19. His lavish tomb was discovered in 1922 and was well preserved.

Cleopatra. Cleopatra VII is the full title of her queenship, and she may be the most well-known Egyptian queen. In 51 B.C.E., she became queen following the death of her father, Ptolemy XII. She was well-known for her love affair with Caesar and Mark Antony. However, her beauty and charismatic leadership made her the ideal choice for a fiery feline.

Nefirtiti.Nefertiti is a Greek word that means “a beautiful lady has come”. Her bust, which shows her head and chest, is one of the most iconic symbols in Egypt and Egyptian art.

Merit. This may be the right job for you if music is your passion. Merit was the god of music. Merit was the goddess of music and helped establish cosmic order by orchestrating the symphony that accompanied creation. This is a great pick for cats that chirp, trill, or meow a lot.

Ra. Ra was the sun god. Because cats love to nap in the sun, the Egyptians first associated the deity with cats. It’s also short and sweet, so it’s hard to beat.

Hathor. Hathor, the daughter of Ra, was a friend to all. She was the patron goddess of joy, inspiration, celebration, and love.

Egyptian Female Cat Names

These are ten great Egyptian names for your feline.

Isis. Isis was undoubtedly the most popular and powerful goddess of Egyptian history. She was also known as the “Mother of Gods” and looked after her fellow gods. She is best known for her compassion for others and for helping them find their way into paradise in the afterlife.

Seshat. Seshat, the goddess of written words, was also known as the patron for scribes. This makes it an excellent name for a contemplative cat. Egyptians were the first to convert their language into a codified form of writing, known as hieroglyphs.

Papyrus. Papyrus was an ancient Egyptian writing material. It was also used for paper. It is also known as “the paper plant”.Cyperus papyrus(family Cyperaceae) and was originally from Egypt’s delta Nile region.

Berenice. Berenice IV was the sister to Cleopatra. When her father, Ptolemy, was expelled from Egypt, she was taken to Rome to claim the throne. She was executed upon her father’s return.

Ma’at.She was also known as the goddess of truth, justice, and harmony. Most importantly, order. Ma’at was the one who maintained order in the universe, according to ancient Egyptians. This pick is a great choice for feline peacemakers.

Additional Egyptian Female Cat Names

  • Miriam
  • Tuya
  • Zipporah (or Tzipora)
  • Zahra
  • Sanura

Egyptian Male Cat Names

Are you looking for an Egyptian name for your male cat? These are ten names you might consider for your feline hero.

Amun. Amun was the god of air. He called himself “the original inscrutable, indivisible creator.” Later, he merged with Hathor (previously discussed) to create Amun-Ra.

Horus. Horus, a falcon-headed, avian god, was associated with power, the sky, and the sun. Horus is also Osiris’s son.

The Nile. The famous Nile River flows through Egypt. It flows northward to the Meditteranean sea, making it the longest river on the globe. Ancient Egyptians relied on the Nile for their daily needs, including irrigation, agriculture, and other resources.

Luxor. Luxor is a northern Egyptian city. It is home to many ancient Egyptian statues and temples. It is also a popular Las Vegas hotel. The Arabic name Luxor, or Al-Uqsur, means “The Palaces” and “The Forts” in modern times.

Moses. Moses, a Hebrew prophet, was the one who freed his people from Egyptian slavery. His mother famously carried him down the Nile River in the Bible’s Exodus book.

Other male cat names

  • Ramses
  • Anubis
  • Aaron
  • Thoth

Egyptian names for black cats

These names might be appropriate for a black cat.

Osiris. Osiris, an Egyptian god and the “Judge of The Dead”, is also known as Set. His brother Set is also known as Seth. After his death, Osiris’ wife Isis and his father Horus (the Sky god) bring Osiris back to life. Osiris descends into the underworld to serve as Judge of the Dead.

Seth (Set). Seth was Osiris’ brother. Seth is the Egyptian god of war and chaos, storms, pestilence, and destruction. Seth is also known as the “Instigator Of Confusion” or “Destroyer”, which seems appropriate for a cat with destructive tendencies.

Kemet. In ancient Egypt, they called their country Kemet. This translated to “Black Land”. It was formed from the Nile’s dark, black soil.

Onyx. Onyx was a black gemstone used by the Ancient Egyptians to make everything, from jewelry to bowls. This name can be used for male and female cats.

Kohl. Kohl, a black eyeliner made from powdered minerals popular in Egypt, is known as the “infamous” Kohl. Both men and women used it to enhance their eyes and protect them from the sun’s glare.

Black Cat Names

  • Keket
  • Nut
  • Apep
  • Geb

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