Feliway for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide

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Feliway is a secure, efficient, and pure manner to enhance downside habits and assist your cat in dealing with adjustments corresponding to shifting home and introducing new pets.

Feliway For Cats

Cats are very prone to pheromones; let’s face it, they use them regularly to make their setting odor extra cat-friendly. Each time your cat scratches on one thing, rubs his face someplace, or urinates to mark, he’s utilizing his ‘smell brain’ to map out his residence.

In many circumstances, the place cats develop into sad or exhausting to stay with; they merely understand methods to deal with the continually altering setting they remain in—conditions which might be usually out of their management and trigger them to behave in usually unconventional ways. Modifications corresponding to a brand new child, routine adjustments, a home transfer, contemporary furnishings, and different cats may be severely distressing. Some cats, like folks, internalize their anxieties, whereas others will put on their hearts on their paws and inform you all about how they feel.

Feliway comes as a plug-in diffuser with a replaceable refill or a non-aerosol hand-held spray. The diffuser continually releases a pheromone that our human noses may detect. However, that’s comforting to cats. It works in an identical technique to an air freshener and easily plugs into a standard energy socket.

The hand-held spray is helpful to deal with particular locations corresponding to a cat provider or areas your cat is urine marking or scratching.

How Does Feliway Work

Feliway makes your house, that dreaded cat provider, or your new home odor comforting and secure. It’s formulated from an analog of the feline facial pheromone, which cats place on issues by rubbing their faces on furnishings (or folks!).

Cats aren’t significantly good at change. They like routine and predictability. Sadly life is just not all the time like this. Conditions that might usually be out of your cat’s management can trigger nervousness, resulting in behavioral issues. Your cat could scratch on furnishings, urinate someplace, vocalize, be reluctant to eat, overgroom or just go and conceal to keep away from the whole lot. Feliway is one technique to get your cat out from below the mattress and feeling a bit happier once more.

When do you have to use Feliway?

Burdened cats could overgroom, yowl, tempo, urinate exterior of the litter tray, present aggression, disguise extra usually, could overeat or lose their urge for food or under-eat. They might additionally lose the power to play or could also be unable to get their common 16-18 hours of sleep a day.

We recommend putting the Feliway Diffuser Set at an influence level in the primary part of your own home or the place your cat spends most of his time. If you’re shifting, place the diffuser within the new house 24 hours earlier than you progress your cat in. It could be best to have a separate room for your cat to feel secure in whenever you first transfer in, with the Feliway plugged in.

For journeys to the vet, spray Feliway Spray into the cat provider simply earlier than the journey.

For urine marking, after cleansing with an enzymatic cleaner, spray Feliway in that specific spot to discourage repeated ‘accidents.’ For extra info on fixing issues involving cats urinating the exterior of the litter tray, go here.

What to look for when shopping for Feliway

For journey or urine marking the place, a hand-held spray could be helpful; look to purchase the Feliway Spray that you could spray onto areas your cat marks with urine or within the cat provider.

For anxious cats, shifting residence, or conditions the place you’re introducing a brand new pet or human to the family, the diffuser could be extra helpful.

Merely test that the tamper seal is in place whenever you buy your Feliway.

The place can you purchase Feliway?

Feliway is obtainable in online shops corresponding to Amazon or vet clinics.

What else do I want?

In case your cat is affected by nervousness, think about additionally the Thundershirt for cats.

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