Herbs and Spices For Dogs

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Although herbs are a major source of pharmaceuticals, herbs for dogs differ from conventional medications in employing parts of the whole plant instead of isolating individual active components. In traditional forms of herbalism, the selection of herbs hinges upon the dog’s personality in addition to its medical consideration.
In modern herbalism, there is more emphasis on the chemical elements of the herb itself.

Animals have always known that eating some types of vegetation made them feel better or helped to cure them of some disease. Dogs will eat grass to bring on vomiting and get rid of any toxic food they may have consumed.
Herbs are versatile and can be developed by different methods – in teas or tinctures, ointments or infusions, compresses or poultices, dried or fresh.

Where ever you have a choice, try to utilize products that have been prepared particularly for animals. Tinctures are more rapidly absorbed than pills in a dog’s short digestive tract. Most dogs dislike the taste of alcohol-based tinctures, so the herbal remedies made for animals use vegetable glycerin, which is sweet like corn syrup.
Herbal therapies are often used to correct body functions and are given in short courses. Some dogs do not like to eat fresh or dried herbs, so herbal tablets tend to be used.

Herbs for dogs should not be used in place of consulting a veterinarian, especially for a serious or life-threatening condition. Herbs are best used to support and complement traditional medicine. Herbs are not often used in emergencies, but more for chronic conditions that don’t have a critical time element or preventative.
There are thousands of herbs used in hundreds of different cultures, and it would be impossible to list them all.

Herbs For Dogs

1. Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)

There are more than 12 different species of Agrimony. It is a member of the Rosaceae family and is found in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) for dogs is used as digestive tract support, and it offers a soothing effect for the mucus membranes of the digestive tract.

This herb has been used for many years to support digestive harmony and is also an effective tonic for the liver and gallbladder.

It is effective for the uneasy dog that wanders from place to place, looking for somewhere to be comfortable but never quite finding it.

If they do decide that they have found a comfortable spot, after a few minutes, they are not able to settle down and are up again wandering around.

Agrimony offers peace of mind to dogs troubled by stressful situations such as quarrels in the family.

It helps to alleviate diarrhea, reduces inflammation of the mucus membranes, and soothes fretful dogs. This herb has been used for years in the treatment of digestive diseases including colitis, and diarrhea.

This is a bitter, mildly astringent, diuretic herb that may help control bleeding, improve liver and gall bladder functions, treat fever and use it as an anti-inflammatory. 

Another traditional use of Agrimony has been as a healing aid for wounds; this herb will staunch bleeding and encourage clots in the wound area.

Agrimony has also been used in combination herbal formulas along with additional herbs like corn silk. Such a combination herbal remedy helps in treating cystitis and UTI s.

The combination remedy has also been successfully employed to treat kidney stones, rheumatism, and even disorders like arthritis.

Natural Dog Remedies Containing Agrimony

Parvo-k is an oral homeopathic remedy to soothe and calm the digestive system and support firm, healthy stools in dogs and puppies. To conserve healthy fluid balance and to endorse the natural cooling mechanisms of the body.

2. Aloe (Aloe vera)

Aloe vera thrives in most tropical climates. However, numerous cooks keep a potted aloe on a sunny kitchen counter, just if they burn themselves. The jelly-like pulp inside the leaves of the aloe vera herb is comforting to skin irritations such as insect bites and minor burns.

Aloe Vera and Internal Detoxification 

Aloe vera is particularly effective in the detoxification of the dog’s digestive system. For complete detoxification, a dog requires a daily dosage for at least three months of 1 ml pure aloe vera juice per kilogram of body weight mixed with the food. For example, a 30 kg dog is administered 30 ml juice per day.

Aloe has antibacterial qualities and can be used on surgical incisions, where it will hasten healing. When used on dogs, they will generally avoid licking the area being treated, as the juice has a bitter taste.

The aloe is administered by snipping off a piece of a leaf and squeezing out the juice.     

Skin and Coat Conditioning

Aloe vera is ideal for daily skin and coat care.

Before brushing, spray the dog’s coat with aloe vera, massage it into the skin and let it soak for a while. Then, dogs with long matted fur can be brushed more easily, and it should look shiny and revitalized.

Aloe vera spray can be used as a natural defense against mosquitos, fleas, and ticks. Just spray your dog with Aloe vera before going outside. If your dog does not like being sprayed, just massage the mixture into the dog’s skin.


All dogs are prone to injury. Whether it is while playing or fighting.

Wounds should first be thoroughly cleaned with water and a mild aloe vera shampoo or soap to avoid infections.

Then apply the aloe vera gel, and the wound will heal quickly.

Aloe Vera’s remarkable healing qualities will aid the healing process and prevent further infection.

Natural Dog Remedies Containing Aloe

Natural Moves for Healthy Digestion and Treatment of Constipation in Dogs

Natural Moves for dogs maintain bowel and digestive health by supporting regular bowel movements naturally. It also gives support for a healthy thyroid and keeps skin and bones healthy and strong.

DetoxPlus to Prevent Toxin Buildup in Pets

DetoxPlus for dogs supports the body’s natural cleansing and elimination processes, aids healthy skin, coat, joints, and digestive system, and maintains healthy energy levels and general well-being.

3. Burdock (Arctium lappa)

Burdock is the toxic cleaner herb, and when used regularly, it helps clear the body of harmful elements, hence its reputation as a blood cleanser. Its power to purge out waste products and toxins makes it valuable for treating arthritis and liver and kidney diseases.

If you live in an area where pesticide and chemical use is high, consider adding burdock as a nutritional supplement to your dog’s diet, as it can help filter those dangerous environmental toxins out of your dog’s body. Burdock is also useful in treating chronic skin conditions.

This is an extremely safe herb and can be used without fear of toxicity or side effects. A lot of dogs also like the taste of it and will eat it readily.

It is also traditionally recommended for maintaining blood sugar levels within the normal range.  

Natural Dog Remedies Containing Burdock

Kidney Support 

Kidney Support promotes urinary tract health by aiding water balance and fluid regulation so helping the kidneys in carrying out their natural function.

Chex for Cushing’s Disease 

Chex supports the health of your dog’s adrenal glands and maintains normal functioning while encouraging the health of the coat and strength of the skin. Chex also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels.

Detox Plus 

DetoxPlus for dogs supports the body’s natural cleansing and elimination processes, aids healthy skin, coat, joints, and digestive system, and maintains healthy energy levels and general well-being.

Eye Heal 

Eye-heal soothes the eyes, keeping them shiny and bright, supports healthy vision, and acts as a general tonic for the eyes.

Liver-Aid Formula

Liver-aid supports the liver’s cleansing and purifying functions, encourages the healthy flow of bile, and maintains gallbladder health. It supports pancreatic health, including the normal production of insulin.

4. Celery (Apium graveolens)

Records indicate that celery has been cultivated for at least 3000 years, probably initially by the pharaohs in Egypt, as celery leaves were part of the garlands found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Celery seeds are still used today as a herbal treatment for gout and different rheumatic complaints. These natural remedies aid the kidneys in eliminating urates and other metabolic waste products that need to be discharged from the body.

The remedy made from the seeds of celery are also helpful in treating arthritis; this remedy helps to detox the body and boosts the circulation of blood to the joints and general muscle system.

Celery is also used in remedies to freshen your dog’s breath

Natural dog remedies containing celery

Oral health Mouth Spray – Promote oral health and address dog breath

Oral health Mouth Spray encourages overall oral health by promoting fresh, pleasant dog breath and Help supporting healthy firm gums, teeth, and tongue.

5. Chamomilla (Matricaria recutita)

Chamomilla is a herb that European naturopaths have utilized for hundreds of years. It has natural calming attributes and can help to facilitate soothed behavior in your dog.

Digestive troubles of all sorts have been treated using the herbal remedies derived from the chamomilla since the 1st century AD. These remedies are very gentle acting and effective; this is why the chamomilla is regarded as ideal for treating conditions in children and pets.

Disorders such as abdominal pain and conditions like gastritis and colic are typically dealt with using chamomilla. Conditions such as hay fever and asthma are also addressed using the remedies prepared from the German chamomile.

Treatments can also be developed from the chamomile as remedies for sore and itchy skin and can also use it to treat eczema. Eyestrain and other eye conditions can also be alleviated using herbal remedies made from the chamomile herb.

Natural Dog Remedies Containing Chamomilla

Aggression Formula for Stressed and Aggressive Pets

Aggression Formula supports normal social behavior in dogs, keeping them relaxed and calm when a new baby or animal is introduced to the family and acts as a nervous system tonic for highly strung, jealous, or stressed dogs.

6. Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

The dandelion herb is another detoxifier. This common lawn weed cleans the bloodstream and liver and improves the workings of the kidneys and stomach. It helps govern bowel movements and assists in filtering toxins and poisons out of the body.

A valuable diuretic, dandelion improves elimination efforts by the kidneys and liver and still helps the body sustain its potassium levels. Presuming that you do not use pesticides or chemicals in your garden, the leaves can be picked right from your lawn, pulped, and added to your dog’s food.

Dandelion is also well-known as a tonic for the adrenal glands and will help support normal adrenal functioning. This herb also contains vitamins and minerals, which are important for hair health and growth.

Natural dog remedies containing dandelion

Immunity & Liver Support Formula

Use Immunity & Liver Support Formula to support healthy immune functioning, maintain liver health, and aid in systemic cleansing. It acts as a tonic for the lymphatic system, promotes healthy hemoglobin levels, and promotes vitality and balance in your dog.

Chex for Cushing’s Disease

Chex supports the health of your pet’s adrenal glands and maintains healthy blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels while also helping with the health and strength of the skin and coat.

SlenderPet Formula

SlenderPet Formula supports healthy livers, and effective processing of dietary fat assists with maintaining healthy body weight in combination with a healthy eating plan.


Use i-Clenz to clean tear stains from dogs, support healthy vision, and general tonic for the eyes and surrounding area.


DetoxPlus for dogs supports the body’s natural cleansing and elimination processes, aids healthy skin, coat, joints, and digestive system, and maintains healthy energy levels and general well-being.


Gums-n-Teeth promotes healthy teeth, gums, and bones and supports the immune system.

Skin and Coat Tonic for Healthy Skin and a Glossy Coat in Pets

Skin and Coat Tonic maintains healthy skin and a glossy coat, supports the immune system, and encourages liver, kidney, and thyroid health.

Kidney Support

Kidney Support promotes urinary tract health by helping the kidneys in carrying out their natural function. It also helps with the normal production of hormones, including those involved in red blood cell formation and blood pressure regulation.

AnalGlandz to treat infected anal glands in dogs naturally

Use AnalGlandz to support the natural emptying of the anal glands, aid in manual emptying of anal glands during grooming, and clean the anal area and support healthy anal glands.

7. Devils Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens)

Devils Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) is found in the Kalahari Desert Africa. Scientific tests have shown that Devil’s Claw supports muscle, cartilage and joint health. It is also well known as a digestive tonic and is beneficial in the support of liver and gall bladder health. A variety of conditions are treated using the remedies made from the devil’s claw.

Herbal remedies made from this herb today are generally similar to it’s traditional applications many years ago. Many herbal shops typically sell the it as medication for the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic conditions in dogs as well as humans.

This herbal remedy can give relief from pain produced by joint and muscular conditions, which can include gout, back pain, disorders such as fibrositis, and long term rheumatoid arthritis.

Many dog owners are aware of the great value Devil’s Claw has as an anti-inflammatory agent, in osteoarthritis but it’s uses also include all types of muscle pain and some forms of digestive upset – although it should not be used if your dog is suffering from an ulcer.

It is a bitter tonic and can help dyspepsia and chronic pain. Devil’s claw works, and it’s safe. If your dog is on cardiac medication or anticoagulants, check with your vet before administering.

Natural dog remedies containing the devil’s claw

Muscle & Joint Support aids healthy strong joints, muscles, tendons, cartilage and bones, cleanses and purifies the system and improves liver functioning.

8. Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Ginger, or Zingiber officinale is recognized for its long history of use in traditional Chinese and Indian herbal medicine. It is often used as a remedy for vomiting and motion sickness.

A dog who is inclined to be travel sick could benefit from this herb given a half hour before the excursion, because of its properties as a stomach soother. Ginger helps in the absorption of food, thereby acting to keep your dog’s teeth clean and helping with digestion.

Ginger also helps boost healthy blood circulation.

Natural dog remedies containing ginger

Taken as an oral homeopathic remedy to soothe and calm the digestive system and for firm, healthy stools in dogs and puppies

Maintains nervous system balance during car and air journeys, supports your pet’s digestive system and helps make trips a pleasant experience for owners and pets.

9. Hawthorn (Crataegus oxycantha)

Traditionally, the herb hawthorn, or Crataegus oxycantha, was used as an astringent to treat diarrhea, among other conditions. Today, it is thought of chiefly as a heart tonic, helping energize the circulatory system of dogs as well as humans, normalize blood pressure and reduce arrhythmia.

Its corrective effects on heart muscle make it a good choice for dogs with cardiovascular problems and congestive heart failure.

Hawthorn is an extremely valued herb and has well-known cardio-tonic attributes. Hawthorn works by preserving a healthy energy supply to the heart and supporting its pumping ability.

Hawthorn also has strong anti-oxidant properties to sustain artery health and strength. Many recent studies have substantiated the benefits of Hawthorn on the health of the cardiovascular system.

Natural dog remedies containing hawthorn

Supports healthy circulation to all parts of the body, including the brain, helping to increase the strength of veins, arteries, and the heart.

10. Huang Qi (Astragalus Membranaceous)

Huang Qi, or astragalus, is one of the most recognized and widely applied herbs in Chinese Medicine. It is used commonly today in western herbalism due to it’s widely versatile immune-strengthening qualities. It is commonly used for treating symptoms of emaciation, fatigue, breathlessness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and prolapse of the uterus or anus.

One of the main uses of Huang Qi is in the form of an energy tonic. Some even consider it superior to ginseng. The resistance of the immune system is also raised by the astragalus and the herbal remedy is also recognized for its power to improve the physical endurance of all users.

Astragalus is particularly useful for fortifying your dog’s body against viral infections of the respiratory tract and heart. It is a good option for early treatment of various sorts of respiratory infection, including kennel cough .  

Astragalus works to provoke T-cell activeness and helps to raise the white blood cell count, it also encourages the body’s defense mechanism through its liver-strengthening properties.  

Tests suggest that astragalus may be useful for assisting the body to protect itself and speed recovery from the damaging effects of kidney infection and renal failure.

Huang Qi is traditionally utilized to boost energy levels in debilitated animals and in the treatment of various cancers, particularly those which are complicated by lowered immune functions. 

For dog owners who are experiencing the problems of chemotherapy or radiation treatments for their animals, astragalus may offer a chance in holding on to some functional balance in an immune system that is under attack by both a disease and toxic interference.

Astragalus is also known to have antiviral characters that are specific to infections of the heart.

Natural dog remedies containing Huang Qi

Support the health of your pet’s adrenal glands and maintain normal functioning Maintains healthy blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels and supports normal urination and healthy fluid and electrolyte balance in the body.

GlucoBalance can be used as a regular supplement for pancreatic and liver health. It supports normal blood sugar levels in healthy dogs, aids the function of the pancreas in producing adequate insulin, and supports healthy circulation and cardiovascular health

Maintains health in all organs, tissue and cells and supports vitality and healthy energy levels.  

11. Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

Marigold has been clinically shown to support the natural regenerative function of the skin.

Marigold (Calendula officinalis) is good for skin conditions, healing and reducing inflammation in the area as it inhibits infection. Use it in a cream form on irritations such as insect bites, poison ivy, small cuts, lesions, and minor burns. Marigold heals and closes skin rapidly, so it is essential to make sure wounds are clean and free of infection before applying.

Natural dog remedies containing marigold

Ringworm relief soothes the skin, supports the immune system, and maintains healthy skin and coat.

12. Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum)

Milk Thistle (Silybum marianus) is thought of as one of the most traditional herbal liver tonics and restoratives, and the use of Milk Thistle can be retraced more than 2000 years.

This herb is a member of the sunflower family and is synonymous with the liver. The liver’s job is to eliminate toxins from the body. It sometimes needs help, especially during times of stress – for example, when a dog is given a potentially toxic drug or treatment like chemotherapy or after vaccination or an anesthetic.

This would directly impact conserving the overall systemic wellness of your dog, as the liver is one of the most crucial organs in the body.

Milk thistle helps guard the liver when toxicity is high. Many herbalists advocate giving this herb only when it is required, not as a general liver tonic, as it can negatively affect liver function if assigned randomly. It’s also important to avoid this herb if your dog is pregnant.

It has been subjected to numerous clinical trials which distinctly endorse its effectiveness. Scientific analysis of this herb shows that it accommodates a flavonoid complex called silymarin, which is mostly responsible for the healing benefits of this herb. Silymarin is a well-known anti-oxidant.

Natural Dog Remedies Containing Milk Thistle

Immunity & Liver Support Formula maintains liver health and functioning and aids in systemic cleansing while promoting vitality and balance in the body.

Maintains health in all organs, tissue, and cells and gives a boost to vitality and healthy energy levels

SlenderPet Formula supports healthy livers and effective processing of dietary fat. It naturally maintains healthy thyroid functioning and assists with maintaining healthy body weight in combination with a healthy eating plan.

Liver-Aid Formula supports the liver’s cleansing and purifying functions, helps to maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range, and acts as a tonic to healthy digestive and metabolic processes.

13. Marshmallow (Althea officinalis)

Marshmallow (Althea officinalis) is a good respiratory tonic.

It grows well in moist and wet places all over the world; Marshmallow is a perennial aromatic herb that is capable of growing up to four feet in height. This herb is found growing in abundance in the wild, but it is also cultivated commercially for medicinal use in herbal remedies.

Marshmallow has a reputation as a soothing, healing remedy. It has demulcent, emollient, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant actions and is used to treat stomach and duodenal ulcers, catarrh, coughs, colds, and urinary tract infections.

Studies have shown that Marshmallow has numerous medicinal benefits, particularly in safeguarding and soothing the mucous membranes. Marshmallow has moderate laxative attributes and therefore is helpful in curing problems of the intestines, including colitis, ileitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and diverticulitis.

Marshmallow soothes irritated or inflamed skin or mucous membranes and gives relief from dry coughs and bronchial asthma in humans and dogs. It can also be used as a cream to help heal wounds.

Natural dog remedies containing Marshmallow

Promotes healthy digestive functioning, soothes gastric mucus membranes and maintains healthy energy levels and general well-being.

14. Passion Flower ( Passiflora Incarnata )

Several names know the passionflower, some of them being maypop and apricot vine. The name passionflower is very misleading; this flower has nothing to do with passion. The name was given to the flower by Spanish explorers and missionaries, who felt that the flower resembled the crown of thorns worn by Christ.

It is a fast-growing perennial herb, and the Passiflora incarnata belongs to the Passifloraceae family. It was initially used as a herbal remedy during the 1840s by Dr. L. Phares of Mississippi.

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) is a herb used to calm the nerves and support the daily balance of the nervous system.

The active components of this herb include flavonoids, cyanogenic glycosides, alkaloids, and aspirin. Passiflora has also been involved in many clinical studies which affirm its traditional usage as a soothing and moderating herb.

The painkilling properties are employed when used for relief from headaches and toothaches and conditions caused by nervous anxiety.

Dogs and humans suffering from epilepsy, neuralgia, and acute anxiety have been given this herb with good effects. 

Puppy Anxieties

Puppies can feel anxiety symptoms similar to that of a small child, and owners with anxious puppies may want to try a natural herbal remedy rather than traditional medicine. Passionflower is usually combined with other essences in a supplement intended to calm your puppy.

Puppies can fret over being left alone. One of the most common forms of anxiety in puppies is separation anxiety, being away from its owner for extended periods.

A puppy may whine, destroy furniture, and scratch, chew, and dig at whatever it can if it is going through this emotional stress. Anxiety can cause stress and affect the overall health, just as worrying can cause stress in humans. Puppies may also experience anxiety when traveling or being away from home.

It can be administered as a tablet, liquid, or powder, depending on what your dog is more likely to accept. 

Natural Dog Remedies Containing Passion Flower

Supports the brain and nervous system in dogs. Secure helps to maintain normal electrical balance in the brain, to create stability and natural equilibrium in the nervous system, and support the natural temperature mechanisms in the dog’s body.

PetCalm Formula provides support for the nervous system and helps your dog cope during difficult times.

PupTeeth helps with the normal teething process in puppies and supports the growth of strong, healthy new teeth and bones.

Because passionflower may stimulate the uterus, it should not be used by pregnant animals.

15. Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves, dark green on the topside, and white underneath. Its flowers are small and colored pale blue. This herb is grown extensively in many gardens across the world.

Rosemary can be used as an anti-inflammatory and also as a tonic for dogs and humans. These are two functions that are normally believed to be common activities. Rosemary has several components mixed together, which bestow the herb its properties of healing, and some of these are the rosmarinic, apigenin, and ursolic acids.

The ingredient diosmetin is acknowledged to help in strengthening and fortifying the capillaries, and this attribute can be extremely useful for the cardiovascular system, where Rosemary is frequently used to improve circulation and raise low blood pressure.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is also well-known as an excellent skin tonic.

Natural dog remedies containing Rosemary  

Keeps ear canals clear and free of blockages, soothes and conditions ear passages to prevent itching and scratch, and treats bad smells from your dog’s ears.

Energy Tonic supports healthy energy levels in dogs, including older pets, and supports blood circulation and oxygen flow throughout the body.

Eye-Heal keeps eyes shiny and bright, maintains the health of the conjunctiva, and acts as a general tonic for the eyes.

16. Saw Palmetto (Sabal Serrulata)

Saw Palmetto is a native of North America and grows well on dunes. The herb exists in great density along the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts from South Carolina to Texas.

Saw palmetto typically evolves from seeds and demands an abundance of sunlight and well-drained soil to flourish. Although spring is the best time of the year for sowing saw palmetto seeds, the plant’s berries are harvested in autumn. The berries are then deseeded and dried in sunlight.

Saw Palmetto (Sabal Serrulata) is acknowledged to be highly effective in supporting prostate health, and numerous clinical trials have confirmed its benefits. Saw Palmetto is widely regarded as an excellent prostate tonic.

Saw palmetto was a regular component in herbal remedies during the first half of the 20th century and was commonly used as a moderate diuretic and remedy for chronic cystitis. Saw palmetto herb was also considered to be an efficient therapy for enlarged prostates.

Tonics prepared from saw palmetto was especially found to be useful in the reproductive system and were widely used to cure weakening of the testes, prostate swelling, and all irritations in the reproductive system.

Natural dog remedies containing Saw Palmetto  

Prospect maintains male dog prostate health and supports a healthy bladder and urinary tract.

17. Scullcap (Scutellaria laterifolia)

Scullcap (Scutellaria later folia) is well-regarded for sustaining the nervous system. Scullcap can be used for problems linked to a demanding event, e.g., a trip to the vet or a competitive event, or as a general tonic used to support the entire nervous system, encouraging calm behavior soothing tempered pets.

A traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of anxiety, nervousness, excitability, travel sickness, and an accessory in treating epilepsy in dogs.

Calms nervous travelers but is also helpful for any position when strange surroundings might induce apprehension or anxiety, making it a useful training aid for young dogs being introduced to the show ring, thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.

Natural dog remedies containing Scullcap

Aggression Formula supports normal social behavior in household dogs. It keeps them relaxed and calm when a new baby or animal is introduced to the family and acts as a nervous system tonic for highly strung, jealous, or stressed pets.

PetCalm Formula helps your pet cope during difficult times by supporting the nervous system and maintaining emotional balance and confidence during competitive events.

Secure supports the brain and nervous system in dogs and supports healthy blood pressure on veins and arteries.

18. Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium)

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a perennial herb native to Europe and Asia, North America, and most other countries throughout the world. Yarrow is very common along roadsides and in fields and meadows in the eastern and central United States and Canada.

Yarrow is a valuable medicinal herb, with a lot of scientific evidence of use in alternative medicine.

It acts as a good diuretic by helping the body flush out wastes and toxins. It reduces inflammation and has a healing effect on mucous membranes. Useful for treating fevers and infections, Yarrow can also help in blood clotting, fights bacteria, and has an antiseptic action.

Yarrow is used externally for treating wounds and stopping the flow of blood.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is also found in dog remedies that help support the skin’s health around the anal glands.

Natural dog remedies containing Yarrow

AnalGlandz supports the natural emptying of the anal glands. Use it to cleanse the anal area, support healthy anal glands, and as an aid to manual extraction of impacted anal glands during grooming.


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