How CBD Can Help Your Dog Sleep?

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Many people have tried CBD, whether as an oil or as an edible. Unlike THC, this compound doesn’t result in a “high,” but it might offer a way to manage health issues ranging from high blood pressure and seizures to pain and depression. And as it turns out, these potential benefits aren’t just limited to humans. Man’s best friend might enjoy a controlled dose of CBD as well.

How CBD Can Help Your Dog Sleep?

CBD Benefits For Dogs

A dog that’s stressed out or in pain will often whine or bark, keeping you up at night. In addition, it might be more prone to aggression or avoidance, which can strain your relationship with your pet. You need to find the actual cause of the symptoms, whether it’s a physical disorder or some factor in the dog’s environment. CBD for dogs might not necessarily solve the underlying problem, but it can potentially help you manage your dog’s symptoms and bring your furry friend some comfort.

CBD Side Effects For Dogs

In humans, CBD has several side effects that might apply to dogs as well. CBD can cause dry mouth, which means your dog will likely be lapping at its water bowl more often. Be sure to keep that bowl filled enough to satisfy its thirst. Because CBD induces relaxation and lowers blood pressure, it can also bring about light-headedness and drowsiness. Don’t be surprised if your dog exhibits a lower energy level than usual while taking CBD.

What to Look for When Shopping For CBD 

For starters, prioritize quality over price. You don’t want to give your dog an inferior product just because it’s the cheapest option.

Research the brand and its line of products. Read through available reviews from other shoppers and contact the seller with any questions you have.

Look for organic options that are free of preservatives and other unnecessary extra ingredients.

Look for products that have undergone third-party testing. Test results or certificates should be readily available for you to review. If you want to add in an extra step of caution, research the name of the third-party laboratory or whoever signed off on the certificate.

Chewables or Tinctures?

Some brands offer CBD for dogs in multiple forms, including chewable treats or tinctures. While chewable might seem like a simple, convenient type to go with, tinctures make it easier for you to adjust the dosage. Giving your dog the correct dosage is important for its comfort and safety, so look for products that include an easy-to-read dosage chart.

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