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How Much Do Samoyeds Shed


One of the most charming characteristics of these amazing Russian dogs is their smile. They are calm and friendly and hard to resist. You might wonder, however, if Samoyeds can be difficult to handle.

Do Samoyeds shed lots? Samoyeds shed, and they are known as “heavy shedding” dogs. They were designed to survive in below-zero temperatures. Samoyeds shed excessively twice a year due to their double-coated coats. This is in spring and fall. There are many ways to control Samoyed’s excessive shedding.

It’s easy to be intimidated by the fluffy coat of a Samoyed. It won’t be nearly as difficult as you might think. We will discuss the reasons these dogs shed more than others. We also discuss how to manage Samoyed shedding.

Here are the Top Reasons Samoyeds Give Up So Much

Because Samoyeds have large and fluffy coats, they are susceptible to shedding machines. How come Samoyeds shed more than other dogs?

Samoyeds shed their hair by looking at four main factors: their bred and the double coat.

Let’s look at each aspect to see why Samoyeds lose so much.

Built for the Cold

Most dogs were bred to fulfill a purpose. They were selected for the right temperaments, physical traits, and qualities depending on their roles.

As we mentioned, Samoyeds were first bred in harshly cold climates like Siberia (in Russia) by Samoyedic people. They were therefore designed to work in extremely cold temperatures.

Samoyeds were loyal companions of this tribe and also served as hunting dogsled-pullers, and reindeer herders. Samoyedic people considered them the best multi-purpose working dogs.

Samoyeds had to be outdoors for all these jobs, most likely in snow. These dogs needed a large fluffy coat that kept them warm during long hours.

To be comfortable, dogs like the Samoyed must live in cold areas. Imagine taking your Sammie on a walk in the 90-degree summer heat.

Wag Walking claims that they can survive in hot weather. However, they will not be comfortable and may not be excited to get outside. Samoyeds have thick fur, which means they are more likely to shed their fur.

Samoyed’s Double Coat

Some dogs don’t have the Samoyed coat. These dogs have a double coat; only 78 recognized dog breeds.

What is a double coat? This unique coat consists of two layers of fur. It consists of a topcoat and an underneath coat. Each serves a very specific purpose for the Samoyed.

The undercoat, a thick and short layer that acts as an insulation to keep the Samoyed warm during colder temperatures, is dense but lightweight. It may have felt wool, explaining why it does such an amazing job.

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The undercoat of fluffy dogs is usually thicker. Knowing how fluffy the Samoyed can be, we know that their undercoats are thicker than most double-coated dogs.

The topcoat, on the other hand, is a set of longer hairs that protects the Samoyed’s skin against various harmful elements in the environment (dirt, water, snow, etc.). They’re called ” guardhairs” because they protect the skin.

If you have two coats, the shedding will be moderate to heavy all year. Double coats can be a problem in two seasons.

Seasonal Shedding

It is common for all dogs to shed more in the spring and autumn. Double-coated dogs like the Samoyeds have it worse.

Samoyeds will experience excessive shed twice a year. This is what we call “blowing hairs” in dog-owning circles. It’s only found in double-coated dog breeds.

A Samoyed will begin to shed its summer coat during the autumn season. This is in preparation for winter. To grow a thicker, warmer coat, it is necessary to shed.

Like the spring, the Samoyed will begin shedding its winter coat to prepare for warmer summer temperatures.

Because they shed their thicker coats, Samoyeds experience more heavy coat blows in spring.

It is worth noting. However, indoor dogs are less likely to be affected by seasonal shedding than outdoor dogs.

Shedding & Nutrition

Lack of nutrition can lead to excessive shedding in a Samoyed (or any other dog with fur). Your dog must receive the right nutrients.

Dr. Roy Cruzen (DVM) says that most dog owners choose the lowest quality food, which doesn’t meet nutritional quality requirements. Too much is made of cheap food.

Pete Lands DVM, Saint Francis Veterinary Center, agrees that poor nutrition will always cause more shedding than normal. According to him, excessive shedding can also be caused by the trend of feeding gluten-free diets to your dogs.

Samoyeds can shed so much that it is difficult to distinguish between excessive shedding and normal coat blowing. If your dog is shedding excessively for a prolonged period, you should call your veterinarian.

What is the Average Samoyeds’ Shedding?

We know that they shed a lot, and this is why. How much shed do these dogs shed? Animal Wised says that Samoyeds are the most prolific shedders.

However, true Samoyeds know best. We decided to poll the Samoyed Subreddit and other forums to find real answers. Here are the opinions of the owners.

Real Owner Answers

1. Conmanau states that Samoyed fur is like sparkling glitter. You can expect to find it at odd places and times. My parents still find fur from Sammy, who died many years ago.

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2. Artifishelldog said: “My sammie’s a shedder.” It’s something I have accepted and bought a vacuum with heavy-duty suction (and many lint rollers).

3. Bubbletea states that “My Samoyed’s shed is fine.” It is easy to spot and happens only once or twice per year. He’s been with me for quite some time now, and I haven’t noticed any excessive shedding.

4. Whydoyouflask states: “Samoyed shed is steady and constant most of the day, but there are times when it comes out in clumps. It’s not worse than any other breed.

5. Seralexpertak states: “It is not smart to underestimate their shedding. It was not something I thought would be an issue until I had one.

6. Richiefun10 says: “Do Samoyed shed? Is the earth flat? They are, and it can get very bad if they don’t keep up with it (such as grooming).

7. Nicksamdog said: “We have Samoyed. It’s a great dog, but it takes a lot of effort to groom him. And I do mean a lot. They don’t smell, which is a nice thing.

8. Opusintinc states: “Samoyeds shed quite a bit, but I’m shocked at the number of owners who claim it’s so bad.” Perhaps I was lucky.”

Samoyed Shedding: How to Deal

Samoyeds do shed, and most likely, it will be quite a lot. But you aren’t doomed. You can make shedding less likely in your Samoyed.

This dog will require a lot of time, so it’s not the right choice if you are a busy owner. Consider a hypoallergenic or hairless dog.

Although grooming Samoyeds can be tedious, it will reduce the likelihood of having excessive hair around your home. This is especially important if you have allergies to dogs.

Brushing a Samoyed

Consistent coat brushing is one of the best ways to keep your Samoyed’s hair “in control”. Consistent is the keyword. Not everyone has the time or ability to do this.

Reddit users claim that most Samoyed owners brush and groom their dogs every day. Some dogs will be brushed every other day. Few people will brush their dogs less often than once per week.

It depends on each dog. You will feel the difference in how much your Samoyed sheds.

The Furminator is highly recommended for Samoyeds with a double coat. This brush is for double-coated dog breeds. 

I even use the Furminator with my Australian Shepherd (also double-coated)!

Many happy customers love the product. A large is recommended for Samoyeds with long hair. You can see it.

This is a hard brush. You’ll need to be careful to avoid causing any skin damage. Your dog will be fine if you are gentle.

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This brush is very powerful and well worth the price.

Bathing with a Samoyed

Dogs need to take baths. Bathing is a delicate process.

It’s fine to bathe your dog now and again. However, too much washing will strip the essential oil from the hairs that protect your dog.

How often should your Samoyed be bathed? It all depends on how dirty your Samoyed is, according to owners. Some owners bathe their Samoyeds once a month while others only do it twice a calendar year.

Samoyeds aren’t a smelly breed. They are generally clean dogs, except when they want to play in the mud.

You should be fine if your Samoyed is not washed every week. Be aware of how often you wash your Samoyed.

You must choose dog shampoo that is natural and gentle on your skin.

Dog shampoo for Samoyeds

My personal favorite is oatmeal-based shampoos. These are just a few:

  1. Propet Works All Natural Oatmeal Shampoo – This is made with all-natural oatmeal. This shampoo was my go-to for my Australian Shepherd. It’s also made in the USA.
  2. Earthbath All Natural Dog shampoo – I plan to try it very soon. Because it’s been in the market for so many years, it’s proven to be a reliable product that people love.
  3. Paws & Pals Dog Shampoo We use this shampoo with our family’s corgi. Paws and Pals is a well-respected brand. It works great and smells amazing!

There are many great shampoos for dogs on the market. Make sure to do your research.

You will never use human shampoo on your Samoyed. Dog skin is more sensitive than human skin. It will cause more problems than it solves.

So, is the Samoyed for Me?

If you’ve read this far and still desire a Samoyed, you are probably right. They’re fine as long as you are not allergic to dogs and have the time to care for them.

Samoyeds are a great breed with a strong work ethic. To keep your Samoyed happy, you’ll have to work with them.

They make great companions and playmates for children. A Samoyed is a great companion for children. Their “upturned” faces make it seem like they are always happy, which is probably true.

A Samoyed is a dog that will thrive in cold regions. These dogs should not be brought into warm climate areas.

Samoyeds shed a lot all year, but especially in spring and autumn. This is a difficult but rewarding job for those willing to endure it.


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