Irish Wolfhound Full Guide, Care & Tips

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The large Irish Wolfhound has a delicate temperament and a considerably reserved nature.

Irish Wolfhounds are impartial by nature, however bond very intently to their households. They had been educated to suppose independently of their searching previous, somewhat than counting on shut course. They’re mild with youngsters and extremely clever canines.

What Does The Irish Wolfhound Want In Their Perfect Life Partner/family?

I might like to dwell in a household that loves lengthy walks and out of doors life. My splendid household has older youngsters and has time to spend with me. I like to dwell with different canines and in addition not often chase cats.

At A Glance

Lifespan 6-10 years
Weight 40-70 kg
Top (at shoulder) 71-90 cm


Mild – this mild breed likes to cuddle up on the sofa and be with the household. They’re lovable, candy and sort and regardless of their huge measurement they’d by no means (intentionally) damage a fly.

Clever – These clever canines are very trainable and want a minimum of 2 hours a day of train and coaching when younger and persevering with on into adult-hood. With out psychological stimulation and coaching they turn into simply bored and generally damaging.

Loyal – this breed will usually bond very intently to at least one particular person within the household and be extraordinarily loyal. This could translate to a canine that isn’t suited to lengthy durations of being alone and maybe even a bit snappy if not socialised appropriately.

Exercise & Training

Train Necessities Medium – hours per day
Coaching Necessities Medium – hours per day
Residence Pleasant? No

Though these are bigger canines, they don’t want extra train than a small breed canine. They do want each day walks and agency coaching to make sure they’re comfortable and simple to dwell with.


Journeys to the Groomer No- simple care at dwelling
Tick Pleasant? Sure
Hypoallergenic No
Brushing Medium – Weekly brushing required
Hair fall Reasonable Shed – will drop some hair, however not extreme
Coat Kind Medium

The wiry coat of the Wolfhound is low upkeep, so no want for extreme brushing. They are often smelly canines and troublesome to wash because of their measurement, although a cellular canine groomer might help with this feat.

Family Situation

Good With Children Good – okay with older youngsters, however perhaps not these beneath 5
Good With Different Small Pets Medium – Happy with different pets, supervision suggested
Sociability Excessive – Loves different canines and greatest in a multi-dog family.

The Wolfhound is a delicate, loving household pet, however must be supervised round youthful youngsters merely because of its measurement. Not like many searching canines, Wolfhounds can usually be suited to cats with households, however they need to be supervised round smaller pets. They’re sociable animals who don’t wish to be left alone, so contemplate two canines.


Total Bills (Annual) Excessive $2000+
Veterinary Bills (Annual) Excessive – $300-$500+
Meals Bills (Weekly) Excessive – $20-$30+

The Wolfhound may be an costly canine to personal in its comparatively brief life. Meals and veterinary payments are sometimes excessive merely because of measurement.

Health & Wellbeing

Major Health Concerns

Bloat and Gastric Volvulus: Massive deep-chested breeds are susceptible to bloat, which is the place the abdomen quickly expands with fuel and fluid. Bloat can usually then result in torsion or twisting of the abdomen, which is quickly deadly if not handled instantly.

Hip Displaysia – Many breeds are susceptible to hip dysplasia, and whereas extra breeders are hip scoring in an try to breed out this devastating illness, in some circumstances it could nonetheless happen, significantly with overfeeding at a younger age.

DCM – Dilated Cardiomyopathy can happen in massive breed canines. This enlargement of the center can progress to coronary heart failure, weak point and collapse.

Bone most cancers – Irish Wolfhounds have a better prevalence than many breeds of creating most cancers, significantly bone most cancers. In case your Wolfhound has any type of lameness, please get it checked early.

Preventative Care & What To Look For:

Keep away from overfeeding or over exercising your Wolfhound when rising to scale back the chance of hip dysplasia.

Feeding two smaller meals a day and avoiding train inside an hour of consuming can cut back the prospect of bloat and torsion.

Ask your vet to usually test your canines coronary heart for indicators of DCM or coronary heart illness.

Breed Origin And Interesting Facts

The Irish Wolfhound is on common taller than the Nice Dane, however with a slimmer construct. The world file for tallest canine has often been a Nice Dane not a Wolfhound, nonetheless.

It’s thought that Wolfhounds had been delivered to Eire in 7000BC.

Wolfhounds had been bred in Eire as hunters (primarily for wolves) and in addition guarded houses, inventory and their youngsters. In the present day they usually make horrible guard canines because of their mild nature.

Wolfhounds had been usually owned solely by royalty and through AD600-900 the numbers you possibly can personal depended in your standing.

Throughout the 18th Century their numbers had declined a lot that the breed virtually fully died out. Deerhounds and some different breeds had been included to extend numbers once more.

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