Nanday Conure Health, Personality, Colors, Sounds and Habitat

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  • Size: 15 inches
  • Lifespan: up to 40 years
  • Bird Species: Conure
  • Colors: Green with black markings

Nanday Conure General Info

You might be searching for a pet to brighten your day. A Nanday conure is a fun pet that will bring joy to your day. Like the rest of the family, these playful little parrots are energetic, mischievous, and silly. As you get to know them, you will discover all about each other’s quirks, tricks, and naughty behaviors. You will quickly fall in love with your silly new friend, despite all that.

Nandays are playful and spoiled. You are sure to have a lot of fun with them!

Natural Habitat/Native Region

You can find these conures in their natural habitat, South America. They are found in the vast Pantanal region, which stretches through Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. Pantanal, the largest tropical wetland on the planet, is just right for them. It is interesting to note that many colonies have been established in North America. They are mainly located in Florida, Los Angeles, and San Antonio. All of these colonies were created from pets that had been released or escaped.

General Description

Nanday conures are similar to other parrots in the same family, but their main physical characteristics differ much. Adults reach an average height of 15 inches (37 cm), which is quite small considering their large tail feathers. There are no significant differences between males and females, so sometimes, it is easy to mistake their gender.

Sound and Speech

Conures are energetic and have a strong spirit. They can also make a lot of noise. Conures can be loud with their high-pitched natural calls. They are most often heard when they don’t like something or when it is time to go to bed. They can mimic common sounds and talk well enough. They can repeat the word in a funny, cartoonish voice that will make you smile.


Nanday Conures’ bodies are mostly green with lighter colors on their belly and wings and darker on the back and wings. Their black beak and face are unique characteristics that give them their less well-known nickname, “The black hooded conure”. The chest is a light blue with a red border. Blue feathers make up the flight feathers. These birds are a unique mix of colors that you will be speechless to see. Nanday conures make beautiful parrots.

The Nanday conure has a variety of patterns and tropical colors. It is full of vivid hues.

Take care of your pet and feed it.

For starters, a commercially-produced seed- or pellet-based mix is a good option. These mixes include all the essential nutrients and basic seeds such as sunflower, milo, and millet. This diet should be completed with fresh fruits such as bananas, apples, or oranges. Green vegetables are also recommended – cabbages, carrots, and kale are some of the most popular. You might have to encourage them to take a bath, but they will love to bathe in the dishes. They will often want to splash the bathing dishes over, all in the name of fun!

Common conditions and Health

These conures are not fragile, despite their small size. They are adaptable, have a strong immune system, and have good base health. It would help if you prioritized making the conditions as ideal as possible. It would help if you took care of room temperature, draft, moisture, and sunlight. The cage should be kept away from Nanday conures. They are energetic and can cause a lot of damage if they are kept in a cage. It is great to let them fly. Keep an eye out for these curious little goofs, as they love to explore the world and make things happen.

Your pet conure will thrive if you take good care of it. Their endless mischievous energy will be your main concern.

Personality and Behavior

A Nanday conure is guaranteed to have a lot of fun. They are prone to silly acts and goofiness. You should ensure they have lots of social interaction. If you don’t, they will make their versions fun. This can sometimes be very mischievous. You can expect them to make a mess and explore the world. A Nanday conure is a fun, affectionate, and bonding pet that you will love spending time with.

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