Scottish Fold Cats: Surprising Facts About the Breed

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Scottish Fold Cat

1. Key Traits

  • Weight: 6–9 kilos for females, 9–13 kilos for males
  • Life Expectancy: Round 15 years

Its distinctive look characterizes the Scottish fold. They show surprisingly spherical options: a spherical face, emphasized by flat ears; massive, round eyes; a short snout (in contrast to different cat breeds) and a spherical physique construction with quick to medium legs.

The distinctive “folded” ears face ahead and down towards the face. The fold is attributable to a naturally occurring dominant-gene mutation that creates a crease within the cat’s ear cartilage.

Due to the latest breeding methods, some Scottish folds specific the “munchkin” gene — a naturally occurring genetic mutation that causes shortened forelegs and hind legs. Nonetheless, some take into account this to be a controversial breeding practice.

Scottish folds may be discovered with lengthy or quick hair and a wide range of fur colors and patterns.

2. The place They Got here From

The primary Scottish fold, Susie, was reportedly discovered roaming a farm in Perthshire, Scotland, circa 1961. William Ross took certainly one of the Cats that additionally shared her folded ear trait and registered the breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in 1966. Following the registration, Ross partnered with Pat Turner, a geneticist, to uncover the dominant gene that prompted the trait.

Due to ear infections, deafness, and mites, together with deformed limbs and tails, the Scottish fold was despatched to America and crossed with each British and American shorthairs. After eliminating genetic abnormalities, the Scottish fold was allowed Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) registration standing in 1974.

Scottish folds are recognized for his or her spherical face as well as for their creased ears. 

3. How Pleasant Are They?

Laid-back by nature, Scottish folds are playful, love consideration, and like to sit close to their companions. They might grow to be excessively timid or mercurial if disadvantaged of review. They’re incredibly loyal and can set up sturdy bonds with one or extra individuals in a family — frequently following the chosen individual from room to room, ready for recognition, or a friendly pat.

Total, Scottish folds are famed for their extremely adaptive and even-keeled attitudes, making it simple to introduce them to new pets, individuals, and settings. They’re an amazing pet for kids however don’t get pleasure from roughhousing.

To stop weight problems, be certain that your Scottish fold will get loads of play and train.

4. Is This the Proper Cat for You?

Train Wants

LOW: Scottish folds will stay as sedentary indoor cats if given a chance, but when they’re allowed outdoor, they’ll gladly spend time roaming and hunting within the yard and neighborhood. In any case, their ancestors have been farm cats.

If a Scottish fold is left without train stimulation, the lackadaisical demeanor could allow weight problems. To stop extra weight achieve, initiate regular play and supply a nutritious diet. Shopping for cat toys or dangling a bit of string ought to do the trick, or consider bringing greater than one cat into your family.

Grooming Wants

MEDIUM: Grooming necessities differ relying on hair kind. Brief-haired Scottish folds require weekly brushing, whereas their long-haired counterparts want everyday brushing. The fur of long-haired Scottish folds produces uncomfortable mats extra readily than that of their short-haired counterparts.

If the cat is allowed outdoor, they’ll doubtless shed extra throughout spring and fall months and can want extra frequent brushing. Indoor cats tend to shed evenly 12 months spherical, so sustaining a consistent grooming schedule will suffice. Professionals advocate utilizing a high-quality metal comb to take away hair and forestall mats.

Nail upkeep must be accomplished frequently by clipping the nails each 1–2 weeks, and the enamel must be cleaned extra usually.

Wellbeing Issues

MEDIUM: Like different breeds with barnyard ancestors, the Scottish fold is a resilient feline. However, they don’t seem to be without attainable genetic abnormalities.

It’s thought of as unethical breeding apply to mate folded-eared pairs. Mixed, the dominant gene that produces folded ears could trigger a degenerative joint disease, affecting the backbone, hind legs, and tail. Seen indicators embody thicker tail bones or spines, restricted mobility, sensitivity to contact, and inflexible actions.

To keep away from joint degeneration, breeders are inspired to mate folded-eared Scottish folds with straight-eared Scottish folds.

5. The place to Undertake One

Test native shelters for Scottish folds in want of a brand new residence. If you’re unsure how to discover respected covers, begin visiting Pets Adviser’s adoption page.

Cat mills exist, so please learn our Cat mill article and familiarize yourself with our puppy mill red flags (they apply to Cats, too).

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