Meow! Meow! What Does Cat’s Meow Mean?

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Cats rely extra on their physique language cues to speak with different felines. However, understand that they should depend on “speak” to converse with folks. And cats are straight talkers, delivering their meows with no try and confuse or deceive.

Though canines have been domesticated hundreds of years earlier than cats, felines can make about 100 different sounds, in contrast o the 10 to 15 that canines make. Some cats and a few feline breeds (such because the Siamese) are chattier than others.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Meows

Let’s decode some frequent feline sounds that will help you higher “chat” along with your cat and discover out what cats are meowing about:

1: The meow

The sound: A two-syllable meee-ooow is a demanding tone, particularly if delivered loudly and repetitively. Cats largely meow at people, not different cats.

What the cat is attempting to say: He’s making this lengthy, urgent-sounding tone to make calls for and to precise displeasure. Or he feels confused. A demanding cat might unleash the meow to convey disdain at being overly petted or whether it is close to supper time and his particular person has ignored his candy mews by the meals bowl to be stuffed. Cats additionally meow when they’re bored. Beware if a common non-verbal cat begins to up his meow vocals, which might sign an underlying medical subject. Lastly, some senior cats wrestling with cognitive dysfunction might grow to be confused and meow loudly at night time as they try and navigate in the home.

Reply: Cats crave routines and appear to have built-in physique clocks, attempting to feed them at designated meal occasions or go for a timed-feeder system to tone down the meows. Guide an appointment to have your cat examined by a veterinarian if his meows enhance quantity and length. The cat could also be in ache as a consequence of a medical situation.

2: The Mew

The sound: This can be a pleasing, brief, high-pitched sound. 

The cat attempts to say: Kittens meow, or mew, to their mothers once they need to nurse. Cats will direct this affectionate sound to a particular favorite person as a greeting. In contrast to the demanding meow, the mew is a well-mannered vocalization that usually charms the particular person on the receiving finish. 

Reply: Mews are particular hellos from cats, so reply in sort by calming talking the cat’s identify and delivering an under-the-chin scratch or different sort of affection.

3: The Hiss

The sound: An elongated “s” sound that mimics that of a threatened snake.

The cat is attempting to say: This can be a clear message to again off. The hiss is an early warning signal delivered by a cat earlier than he feels the necessity to defend himself by swatting orbiting. And, extremely agitated cats may even add a spitting sound to their hissing.

Reply: Heed the cat’s verbal warning and don’t strategy. Again away. Wait to attach when the cat has calmed right down to keep away from being injured by bites or scratches.

4: The Purr

The sound: A gradual, soothing hum that mimics a well-oiled garden mower. 

The cat attempts to say: Cats are the one species able to purring whereas inhaling and exhaling. More often than not, cats purr when they’re content material and comfortable and want to convey this to you. However, cats additionally purr as an option to self-calm once they feel confused (resembling being within the veterinary clinic) or purr to disguise weak points from perceived predators. Scientists are exploring theories that cats additionally purr as an option to heal bones or wounds through frequencies between 24 and 140 vibrations per minute.

Reply: Settle for the invitation by your wholesome cat to spend some one-on-one time. Purring can be therapeutic, like meditation in some folks. But when your cat is unwell or previous and begins to purr, it could be as a consequence of a medical situation that warrants consulting your veterinarian.

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