Why is My Cat Peeing On the Floor

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Cats make great pets. Cats are adorable, playful, and great companions. It doesn’t matter how much you love your cat; finding out that they have used the floor for a bathroom is not fun. Many cat owners have noticed this behavior, so it’s not uncommon. Our team will discuss why your cat might have weed on their floor and offer some tips to help you prevent it from happening again.

What is the reason my cat pees on the floor?

Cats are generally very clean animals. They will use their garden or litter box for their toilet needs. Even the most well-trained cats can have accidents from time to time. If your cat continues to pee on the ground, you must determine why. Below are some common reasons cats may pee on the floor.

Problems with the litter box

Cats can be very picky about what litter they use. It is not uncommon for them to be quite fussy about the type of litter they prefer. You may find your cat peeing on the ground because of a problem with the litter box you purchased, the litter used, or its location.

Your cat may not like strong smells, scented litter, or deodorants, and some cats won’t eat litter that is too dirty. It is also important to consider where your litter tray will be placed. Cats, like humans, like privacy when they urinate. If your cat feels uncomfortable in their litter box, they may not want to use it. Your cat can avoid using the litter tray if it is too close to their food bowl.


Your cat may spray rather than urinating. Male and female cats, both neutered and not, may rush to mark territory or communicate. Cats usually only spray outside. However, they might feel threatened or need to defend their territory. There are several reasons your cat might be spraying inside, including new cats, new humans, changes in routine, or redecoration.

Old age

As your cat ages, its brain function may begin to decline. This can lead to confusion and eventually cause them to urinate on the floor. Reduced mobility could also be an issue. Your cat may become less mobile as they age.


Inappropriate urination in cats can be caused by frustration, anxiety, and stress. This is a sign that cats are unhappy about something. It is important to determine what causes your cat’s stress so you can reduce or eliminate it.

There are some common reasons your cat may feel stressed.

  • Changes in routine
  • Moving house
  • An additional pet or person to the household
  • Resources are in fierce competition
  • Your cat might feel threatened by other cats in the neighborhood

If you’re away for an extended period, your cat might become stressed. This is especially true if they are being looked after by someone else.

Fear of the outdoors

Your cat may be peeing on the ground because they are afraid to go outside. Your cat could be nervous about the outdoors due to various factors, such as the neighbor dog, other cats nearby, traffic noises, or children playing nearby. When cats go to the bathroom, they feel vulnerable and will not use any other place than their own living space.

Territorial disputes

Your cat may seek other places to urinate if they feel unwelcomed in your garden or litter box. If you have more than one cat, this is especially likely.

How do I stop my cat peeing on the ground?

There are many steps you can take to stop your cat from peeing on the ground. Here are some:

Set up a routine

A cat likes to be consistent and have a routine. If they don’t have a set schedule, it can lead to stress and inappropriate urination. You can help your cat to have a consistent way by having a set time for each meal and a designated time for the outdoors.

You should make sure your cat likes the litter tray.

This can be difficult and could require a lot of trial and error. It is worth trying different types of litter, different litters, and different placements. To give your cat choices, you could buy multiple litter trays. To avoid any conflict between litter trays, you should get at least one litter tray for each cat. They may pee on the floor. It is important to clean litter trays and avoid using strong cleaning products.

Stop the cycle

If your cat has ever urinated in one spot, it will likely continue to do so. Their scent may attract them back to the same spot. This can be prevented by cleaning up the area thoroughly and keeping your cat away from the site.

Your cat will feel secure in your home.

You may notice your cat peeing on the ground because they don’t feel safe in your garden. It could also be due to other cats in the area. It is impossible to prevent other cats from entering your park. However, you can let your cat out through the front door and not use the cat flap. This will make it less likely that they return.

You may also find that your cat is unable to use the bathroom in your garden. They might not be able to travel to other parks. If you have all the soil in your garden covered with gravel or stones, your cat won’t be able to go there. For your cat’s toilet needs, you might consider allowing your garden to have a small amount of soil.

When decorating or moving your house, be careful.

Cats have a keen sense of smell and could urinate in inappropriate ways if there is a new scent. You have also replaced furniture that has been marked with your cat’s scent. You should keep your cat away from the area you are decorating or buying new furniture until the unique aromas blend with the scents already in the home. To ensure that your cat smells good, you can also wipe a soft cloth on their face before transferring it to the room.

Is it possible for my cat to pee on the ground if he is sick?

Some medical conditions can cause your cat to pee on the bed. We recommend that you bring your cat to the doctor if they are peeing on the ground a lot. This will help rule out any health issues and address behavioral issues.

  • Urinary tract infections – These include cystitis, bladder stones, and other inflammatory conditions that can cause pain in your cat. These conditions can also make your cat feel more anxious to urinate. This may lead to them urinating on the floor.
  • Liver and kidney diseases – Both of these can cause your cats to drink more water, which leads to increased urination. This could cause your cat to wee on a floor because their litter box has become dirty.
  • Diabetes – Diabetes can be fatal in cats if they are very thirsty or don’t get to the litter box on time. Diabetes can lead to death in cats, so make sure you bring your cat to the vet for an exam.

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