Are Christmas Trees Poisonous to Cats and Dogs?

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Many individuals are conscious that vacation vegetation, similar to Mistletoe and Holly, is toxic to pets. However, what about the commonest vacation “plant,” the Christmas tree? We fear pets tipping the tree over or tearing open the presents; however, what about these pets who selected to eat the tree?

Christmas is generally a scary time for pets, particularly cats who cannot resist the tree and different vacation vegetation, many of which are toxic.

The toxicity of vacation vegetation varies from delicate to excessive. The extent of poisoning (sickness) can be associated with the quantity of the plant ingested.

Cat Christmas Tree

Christmas bushes are thought to be mildly poisonous. The fir tree oils can be irritating to the mouth and abdomen, inflicting extreme drooling or vomiting. The tree needles aren’t simply digested both, presumably inflicting GI irritation, vomiting, gastrointestinal obstruction, or puncture.

Although the query refers to “live” bushes, synthetic brushes, such as the one within the picture, are also harmful when eaten. The principal issues to fear are toxin launch from the bogus materials and intestinal obstruction (not digestible).

As famous earlier, the quantity of bother relies on how a lot is consumed. In many instances, pets do not devour mass portions of tree materials.

I might advocate confining your pets away from the tree if you end up not dwelling.

This can enable you to have the option to “supervise” any tree or plant-eating exercise. Different vegetation, similar to Mistletoe and Holly, are additionally toxic.

What to Look For

If your pet has chewed on the Christmas tree or different vegetation, monitor for any modifications in conduct (extreme licking, salivating), urge for food, exercise, water consumption, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Further Tree Security Considerations

Whereas we’re with regards to Christmas bushes, additionally think about the tree water. Preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers, and different brokers, similar to aspirin, are generally used within the tree water to maintain the tree. These might have dangerous or lethal penalties for cats and canines (and kids) who drink the water! A lined tree water dish is the most secure.

Vacation Vegetation

Vacation vegetation used as an ornament and these given as items might pose threats to your pets, starting from delicate to extreme toxicity potential. Be taught extra about poisonous vacation vegetation.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights on the tree and elsewhere within the dwelling additionally pose a hazard to curious pets. Chewing on cords and lights will trigger electrical shocks and burns within the mouth. Verify cords recurrently for indicators of chewing and normal put on and tear.

In the event, you discover that your pet is reluctant to eat, drooling, or exhibiting indicators of a painful mouth (i.e., not wanting to play with common toys), ensure to rule out electrical burns as well as dental and different ailments.

Vacation Ornaments

Ornaments additionally pose a threat. Ingestion of ornaments may cause gastrointestinal blockage or rupture. Relying on what supplies have been used to make the decoration, toxicity might affect the outcome if ingested.

Watch out and have a secure and glad vacation season!

Please observe: this text has been offered for informational functions solely. If your pet is exhibiting any indicators of sickness, please seek the advice of a veterinarian as shortly as doable.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

But don’t let any of these precautions bring you down. Remember, this is a happy time of year. There are plenty of decorations you can use to cheer up the home that won’t break, and won’t choke, poison, or electrocute your cat. What’s most important is being with the ones you love most, and if you count your cat amongst those that you love, you’ll see that you won’t miss the other stuff at all.

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