Cheetoh Cat Breed Information and Pictures

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  • Height: 12-14 inches
  • Weight: 15-23 lbs
  • Lifespan: 12-14 years
  • Physique: Large, athletic

Cheetoh Breed History

The Ocicat and Bengal are Cheetoh’s parents. This Bengal is a direct descendant of the wild Asian Leopard Cat. Carol Drymon, a breeder, crossed these two breeds in 2001. Her goal was to create a feline with the same physical traits as a wild cat but the gentleness and gentleness of a housecat. The Cheetoh is now eight generations away from wild cats.

Cheetohs have a great personality and good looks, but they are still very rare, especially since this breed is relatively new.

The Ocicat and Bengal cats are the origins of the Cheetoh.

Breed Traits

A Cheetoh is a playful, energetic cat who loves to run, jump and play in every room of your home. These cats can relax and enjoy snuggles with their humans when they’re not exercising or letting off their energy.

They make great family pets and are gentle, talkative felines. Even though they look wild, their personalities are similar to domestic cats. They are known for their love of people and curiosity, and their strong bond with their beloved humans.

Large and active families are better for Cheetohs. It is easier to give Cheetoh the attention and love it needs. Also, it is easier to keep them busy. They should not be left alone and should be engaged to keep them interested. If you plan to add a Cheetoh to your family, you might consider having more than one cat. This could prevent boredom and loneliness if you’re not home or too busy.

The Cheetoh is a great choice if you’re looking for a cat that will be easy to train. They are intelligent and can behave like dogs. For example, you can teach your Cheetoh how to walk on a lead or do fun tricks. This could help your cat to have more fun and burn off energy.

General Description

The Cheetoh is large and muscular for a housecat. This breed is one of the largest domesticated cats. Males are larger than females.

This cat is also elegant and can be recognized by its unique walking style. Their walking style is similar to that of a hunter, and they walk with grace. This is due to their hind legs being slightly longer than their front.

Cheetoh’s head can also be described as an equilateral triangle that connects the ears and eyes.


The Cheetoh has a soft, beautiful coat that looks like a miniature Cheetah. The cat’s fur can be one of six colors: blue, brown, snow, brown marbled or snow marbled; cinnamon spotted; silver spotted; brown spotted. All colors will have spots or rosettes that create an attractive pattern throughout the coat.

Grooming requirements

Hypoallergenic Cheetohs have a thick, shiny, and long velvety coat. The plush coat sheds minimally and only requires weekly brushing to keep it smooth and clean. Brushing helps to remove any loose hair and is a great way to bond with your Cheetoh.

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