Disabled Dogs

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Dog wheelchairs or dog carts can give disabled dogs a new lease of life. You will be amazed at how quickly dogs adapt to these aids as they realize that they have regained a lot of their independence and ability to chase around again. A dog-cart can help to give disabled dogs back some freedom and a renewed enthusiasm and energy for life.

Disabled Dogs

In the past, euthanasia was often a normal course of action for a dog with a severe disability. Your much-loved pet may have been in a traffic accident, had a bad fall, or developed a disease such as degenerative myelopathy, a neurological disease common in some breeds. Others are vulnerable to disc and spine problems that can eventually cause them to become lame.

Many dogs have been put down because their owners can’t bear to see them struggle to try to get around anymore. Still, thanks to modern technology and the perseverance of animal lovers to try and help disabled dogs, dog wheelchairs and dog carts have evolved into a lightweight, affordable aids to help these dogs live life to the full again.

If You are the owner of an Older, Injured, or handicapped dog, a dog wheelchair can help your dog to run and play again and get the exercise it needs to live a happy, healthy life.

Many disabled dog owners turn to dog wheelchairs to restore mobility to their pets whose legs, hips, or backs don’t work properly. These mobility devices are not like the human wheelchair equivalent, but rather a dog wheelchairs that support the dog’s rear end while he uses his front paws as normal.

Disabled Dogs Equipment

When a dog lost the use of his back legs, it was considered a disaster, but with a dog-cart, the fact that a dog can’t use his back legs becomes merely an inconvenience.

Designed to help animals with hip and leg problems, including degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis, slipped disc, soreness, spinal and neurological problems, surgical recovery, and more.

A Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair can be shipped the next day, requires only approximate measurements, the cart wizard does all the work, folds flat, comes fully assembled, and is adjusted without tools that fit your dog or any other dog. In some cases, such as for animals over 100 lbs, some customization may be required.


Walkin’ Wheels Dog Boot prevents dogs from tracking dirt, mud, or snow into the house, helps injured, disabled, or elderly pets that drag their paws will give dogs confidence on slippery surfaces like hardwood floors and much more. Ideal for dogs with cuts, bruises, or sensitive feet. These boots are comfortable, water-resistant, and fashionable.


Walkin’ Lift Harness, originally designed for use with the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, can be used alone, without a wheelchair, to help your dog walk. In the future, should you need a dog wheelchair, you’ll be able to use this same harness (only with the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair). Just un-clip the handles and clip into the wheelchair.


Injuries to the lower limbs of dogs frequently need to be splinted or braced. These Leg Splints are modeled after human splints for lower leg, ankle, and foot injuries.


Pet Steps, Give your pets a step up to their favorite nap site. It is perfect for tiny breeds, older animals, and those with injuries and other disabilities that restrict their jumping on and off furniture 1 to 4 steps.


Does your pet have problems with having accidents around the house? Has it got so bad that you can’t give him the freedom to wander around the house? With our leak-free diapers, you can have confidence in letting your pet roam free without any accidents.


The Protector Pads are the same as used in hospitals to protect furniture and bedding. Quilted polyester suede top with absorbent PVC coated bottom layer can be used in home or in-car when traveling. The Protector pad can be washed and lined dried.


The Flushable Poop Bag. A flushable and dissolvable bag provides a convenient, environmentally friendly answer for people tackling the issue of pet waste. Designed from polyvinyl alcohol, the flushable bag is perfect for people wanting to clean up after their pet and not store the waste in their trash.


The Body / Rain Suit is a full-body windbreaker made of a sturdy, 100% waterproof nylon to protect your pet from poison ivy, burrs, parasites, hotspots, the sun, rain, dirt, and mud in wet weather conditions. Reflective strips make it highly visible day or night. The hook and loop closure system make it easy to apply and remove. The RainCoat is available in two colors and seven sizes to fit any breed of dog. A hood attaches to the Body Suit using a hook and loop.

Disabled Dog Travel Accessories

Pet Safety Belt: This Pet Safety belt is padded, but it won’t make them hot, and it keeps them farther back on the seat because of where the snap fixes onto the harness.

The Walkin’ Wheels was first introduced in August 2008 and has changed the dog cart industry. It is different from all the pet wheels sold in the last 20 years because it is completely adjustable. This means that the Walkin’ Wheels can be purchased off the shelf, will be shipped immediately, fit your dog perfectly, and can be resold to any other dog when you no longer need it. In addition, the Walkin’ Wheels is the first dog cart that can be used, not only on dogs with permanent mobility problems but also on dogs who need temporary help during recovery and rehabilitation.

Here are Some of the Benefits of the Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair.

Adjustable dog car means one size fits all dogs from 20 to 200 pounds.

Easy to Order because it requires only one approximate measurement to help choose the correct size wheels.

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