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How Do Cats Show Affection?


Cats are known as pets that don’t really pay much attention to their owners and are more likely to enjoy their alone time. Yet, cats are very affectionate, and many owners just don’t realize what their cat is trying to tell them. Even if a cat likes being alone, the following are a few of the signs they’re actually being affectionate more than the owner may realize.

Bringing Presents

Cats love to bring presents they’ve caught for their owners. Indoors, this might be a favorite toy, but if the cat goes outside, it may be a dead animal. Though this is gross, it’s their way of offering food and showing affection. If the cat does go outside, be sure to use one of the top cat collars available to help keep them safe.

Headbutting and Rubbing

Headbutting and rubbing up against a person are other ways cats show their love. They tend to headbutt to get attention and rub up against you to share their scent, showing other animals that you belong to them. Cats would prefer to rub against your face, but if they can’t reach, they’ll show affection by rubbing against your legs.

Walking With a Tail Up

If the cat is walking into the room and its tail is up except for the tip, it’s another sign of attention. This is a certain posture they use to say they’re happy you’re home again or that they’re glad to see you.


Cats move their paws on blankets or people in much the same way a person would knead dough to make bread. This is called kneading in this way, and it’s similar to how the kitten would act when they were nursing. This is a way of showing they’re comfortable when they’re around you.

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Purring and Other Noises

Though there are many reasons why cats may purr, the most common is for showing love or affection. Purring is most often a sign they’re happy or content, though it can also mean they’re hungry or they’re trying to self-soothe after getting hurt. Listen carefully, as the way they purr can be different depending on what it means.

Curling Up Together

When cats are most comfortable around a person, they’ll love to curl up with them. Though it may drive you a little crazy to have the cat curl up on your lap every time you sit down, they’re doing it because they love you and want to be close to you. If you’re not in the middle of doing something, show affection back by letting them stay curled up in your lap.

Show Their Belly

The belly is a sensitive area and easily injured. Injuries in the belly can quickly become life-threatening, so cats will protect their neck and belly if they’re not comfortable. If your cat is rolling over to show you their belly, it’s a sign they trust you. This doesn’t mean they want you to rub their belly, though, so be careful.

Licking or Nibbling

Licking is a type of grooming and done because they want to bond with you. Gentle nibbling is a sign of affection and is a way to show they love you. Don’t get this confused with biting that hurts or draws blood, however. Nibbling should be gentle and should never hurt. Biting, on the other hand, is simply a way to stay stop, not a sign the cat doesn’t love you.

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If your cat does any of these things, they love you and enjoy spending time with you. It’s easy to misread signals from cats, but the above are some of the ways they show affection. See if you notice any of these actions from your cat now that you’re aware of them, and you’ll be able to tell just how much they love you.

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