How Many Puppies do English Bulldogs Have

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The entire process of reproduction, from conception to birth, is extremely difficult for the English Bulldog. Every breed of dog has a different experience during pregnancy. English Bulldogs are no exception.

English Bulldog puppies can be one of the most costly types of puppies to buy. While some breeders might consider the financial rewards worth it, you should not overlook the problems associated with English Bulldog pregnancy and birth.

How many English Bulldog puppies can one have? The average litter size for an English Bulldog is between 3 and 4 puppies. Although English Bulldogs may have up to four puppies in a litter at one time, this can cause serious health problems, and the pups could not live outside the womb.

The normal litter size for any dog ranges between two to ten. However, many factors like the size, breed and nutrition of a dog may affect its litter. The litter size of an English Bulldog is smaller than the average.

How Many Puppies do English Bulldogs Have

An English Bulldog should not be bred more than three times during their life to ensure their health. An English Bulldog with more than three litters can pose health and welfare problems.

They live up to eight years, a shorter average life expectancy than other breeds. Keeping the breeding process and pregnancies going throughout their lives is recommended, as they become fertile at six months.

The English Bulldog may not be the best choice if you are looking for an animal that can produce a lot of litter.

Why is it that English Bulldogs have so few litters?

Simply put, smaller dogs produce smaller litters. The litter size of larger breeds like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds is usually eight. This is due to their bigger hips and wider bodies.

This means they have larger wombs that allow them to produce litters up to eight without harming their development or mother’s health.

Consider smaller breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers, which average 3 pups per litter, and English Bulldogs. Because they are smaller in size, their hips, bodies, and wombs allow them to have a much larger litter and still be able to carry as many puppies as their larger canine counterparts.

Are English Bulldogs able to get pregnant naturally?

English Bulldogs are not designed for pregnancy. This means that it is not possible to allow them to mate with males to get them pregnant. Artificial insemination is the only way an English Bulldog can become pregnant.

While this is possible at home, your chances of success are higher, and the environment will be safer if your vet does it.

Although English Bulldogs can average 4 pups, it is not uncommon to have smaller litters.

Are English Bulldogs able to give birth naturally?

English Bulldogs are the same age as other dogs in terms of gestation (2 months), but all English Bulldogs females will experience dystocia, which is a term that vets use to describe problems with giving birth.

English Bulldogs are more specifically affected by dystocia caused by foetal-pelvic imbalance. This means that the mother dog’s birth canal is smaller than the puppies it is expected to give birth to.

The problem with English Bulldog puppies is their abnormally large heads.

This dystocia means that an English Bulldog cannot give birth naturally. An English Bulldog can only have healthy puppies and live long enough for a vet-recommended caesarean section.

Like any other woman who has had a caesarean, your English Bulldog must receive adequate care, rest, and frequent check-ups after the procedure. This will ensure that they heal properly.

English Bulldogs have a longer gap between their pregnancies than other breeds. They need at least one year to heal from previous C-section procedures.

Why is the price of English Bulldogs puppies so high?

The whole pregnancy process from conception to birth involves a lot of trips to the vets. This makes puppies more expensive to pay for the bills incurred by breeders to bring them into this world.

English Bulldogs cannot conceive naturally, so puppies of the same breed. This gives them an even higher value.

Their rarity and time influence the price of English Bulldogs puppies.

Do’s and don’ts in English Bulldog breeding.

We now know the complexities of breeding English Bulldogs. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make your breeding decisions.


  • To ensure they are fit for breeding, take the dog to the vet.
  • You should have enough money to cover all vet costs and a little more in case of an emergency.
  • Prioritize the welfare of the mother-dog.
  • Kennel Club has the right paperwork.
  • Before you breed her again, give the mother dog at most one year to recuperate from birth.


  • Do not attempt a natural birth. It will cause the death of the mother dog and the puppies.
  • When your English Bulldog reaches old age (7+years), you can breed them.
  • Do not ignore advice from your vet.
  • Your English Bulldog should not be left alone with the puppies. They naturally lack motherly instincts and could cause harm.
  • Your breeding business should not be considered more important than the welfare of the mother dog.

How do I know if a breeder has a bad reputation?

English Bulldogs are so expensive that many breeders will cut corners to profit and harm the mother to breed a rare puppy.

These breeders can be hard to spot, but getting a gut feeling is worth your time.

Here are signs you may be dealing with a dodgy breeding operation:

  • They don’t have the correct Kennel Club paperwork.
  • They won’t allow you to see their parents.
  • The puppies are too young (less than six weeks).
  • The puppies appear abnormally small, weak, or deformed.
  • These prices are just too good to be true.
  • It just feels off.

You might suspect that the breeder you are looking at is running a puppy farm. It would be best to not tell them that you are looking into them as they may move on to other things and end up being captured. Keep calm and cool, and immediately call the RSPCA (or the animal welfare charity serving your country) as soon as possible.


Thank you for reading my guide on how many English Bulldog puppies there are. This guide will give you an idea of the average litter size for English Bulldogs and should help you understand why they are so costly to purchase.

English Bulldogs can be a beautiful breed, but becoming a successful dog is not easy.

This is not an easy task if you are looking to breed English Bulldog puppies. Research is key. Consult your vet. Have plenty of cash for any medical costs.

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