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Dogs are the most popular pets and not in only in America but all around the world. Small dogs’ breeds are becoming more and more popular these days and not just because of Paris Hilton. Small dogs have a very loving nature, their cute looks makes them a crowd favorite for many individual and families.

Best Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are popular for many reasons. Firstly, caring for small dogs is very cheap and easy. They eat less than a normal sized dog.  Secondly, they shed less than a normal dog which is good for those people who wish to avoid allergens. Thirdly, a small dog because of its size can easily fit in small apartments. Also, it is easier to travel with a small dog as it can easily fit in your bag or your car. Here, we list the top 15 small dog breeds in America and the reason for their popularity:

  1. Yorkshire Terrier: The Yorkshire Terrier has a unique style of its own and grace that separates it from other breeds of dogs. This stylish dog is very popular amongst the rich in America and rest of the countries. This breed is also popular one at the dog shows.
  2. Beagle: The Beagle is a small and lovable character of American history. It has flourished as a good hunter. It is ideal for families that have little less active lifestyles.
  3. Dachshund: The Dachshund is a funny looking dog. It has a long body and short legs. For people who want to have something extraordinary can go for this.
  4. Miniature Poodle: The Miniature Poodle is well known dog amongst the rich. This lovely looking pet is top one at shows. The Toy Poodles are very intelligent, lively, happy and easy to train. They are equally adaptable to both quiet and busy household. They do not shed so do not require regular brushing. Their average life expectancy is 11 years.
  5. Shih Tzu: The Shih Tzu is distinctive looking dog. It is originated in China. It is another dog that is popular in the shows. The Shih Tzu is wonderful family dog that love playing. It needs regular walk or exercise. Daily brushing is required because of its long hair. Its average lifetime is thirteen years.
  6. Japanese Chin: The Japanese Chin is an intelligent, happy, affectionate pet that is highly devoted to its owner. This breed is good with other pets. Children should learn to behave gentle with this pet. This dog is independent and may think itself to be a centre of attraction. This breed is very catlike in their attitude.
  7. Chihuahua: The Chihuahua makes an outstanding companion as they are very loyal and they have a habit of being close to their owner. The Chihuahua is extremely small breed. It does not weigh over 6 or 7 pounds. Some owners have known to carry Chihuahua in their coat pocket, tote bag or simply carried them under their arm. These breeds enjoy outdoor activities and are easy to carry while travelling. There are two kinds of Chihuahua one is the long coat breed and other is with the smooth coat breed. These dogs are very loyal to their owners. Their average lifetime is approximately thirteen years.
  8. Pomeranians: The Pomeranians dogs are sweet and endearing bred that are easy to care for. They have a gentle personality and they love to be pampered by their owners. Their bark due to their size is barely audible. This breed looks like toy teddy bears or toy lions. Their fur is doll like and they rarely develop a dog odor.
  9. Toy Spaniel: Toy spaniels are calm, good-natured, happy and affectionate. They are friendly, well mannered but little stubborn at times. They will be relatively fine as watchdogs.
  10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: The King Charles Spaniels are dog that are always happy, friendly and loves affection. They love curling up in your lap. They are great with children and other pets. Brushing them weekly will make them look great. These breeds are very adaptable to calm as well as hectic household. Thus, they are perfect home companions.
  11. Pug: The pugs are funny, adventurous, friendly and life of the party. This is a best family dog as it is good with both young and old. . It is easy going and friendly companion. It easily gets along with other pets. However, small children should behave gently with the dog so that they don’t injure the dog. They are fairly easy to train.  The Pugs personality in two words will be “class clown”.
  12. Maltese: Maltese have beautiful eyes. They weigh only four to six pounds and are mostly white in color. They are wonderful family dogs that need to spend time with their owners. They need regular walks or exercise. Their average life expectancy is thirteen years.
  13. Papillion: The Papillion is the oldest European toy breed. Papillion is a French word for butterfly, which describes the lively toy breed with erect ears. They are friendly, high spirited, and affectionate and loves to play.
  14. Miniature Pinscher: The Miniature Pinscher is the most active and lively amongst all the toy breeds. They are full of energy, loyal, alert and intelligent. Thus, will fill your home with vibrant energy and spirits.
  15. Boston Terrier: The Boston Terrier is a breed of dog originating in the USA. It is a lively and highly intelligent breed.

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