Pros and Cons of Designer Dogs

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designer canine is one whose parents were purebred dogs from different breeds. A purebred golden retriever may have one parent, while a purebred poodle parent is the other. His mother could have been a poodle and his father the golden retriever, or vice versa. A designer-dog breeder created the designer dog.

Non-designer mixed-breed dogs are those that were bred by accident or intentionally. His parents were mixed-breed dogs but not purebred.

While breeders of designer dogs may feel they are meeting the needs only of a specific niche, purebred breeders and purebred dog clubs such as the American Kennel Club believe the whole trend is dangerous for all dogs.

Pros of Designer Dogs

Designer dogs offer a wide range of options. There are more than 200 hybrid combinations available, so there is something for everyone. These hybrids are usually small and have a lot of personalities. They also have adorability.

Designer dogs can be tailored to meet any need, from small dogs that are easy to transport to large dogs that can be used for daily living to smaller dogs for allergy sufferers to dogs with low sheds. Designer dogs are often free from some traits that can be problematic for purebred dogs. Some purebreds like the Pug have a short nose, which can make breathing difficult. The popular Puggle, a hybrid Pug/Beagle, has a longer nose but retains the Pug’s wrinkled forehead.

Hybrid breeders often claim that their dogs possess hybrid vigor. This is an attribute that results from the fact that they are bred to two different breeds. Because the bloodlines of purebreds aren’t as close, hybrids don’t often inherit genetic defects.

Many purebred dogs inherit traits that can lead to genetic defects. Many retriever breeds are susceptible to epilepsy or cataracts, large-breed dogs can have hip dysplasia, and small-breed dogs can have dental problems. Because of their more diverse genetics, mixed-breed dogs are less likely to inherit such genetic defects. This is true for all mixed-breed dogs and not just hybrids or designer dogs.

Cons of Designer Dogs

Designer dogs are notorious for their high price tag. Designer dogs can cost upwards of $700, while purebred dogs start at $250. (Mixed breed dogs are often available for adoption at affordable prices, usually set by animal shelters or rescue groups.

Each designer dog was bred to have a specific appearance or trait, but there is a chance that the offspring will lack some of these traits. Mixing breeds can be risky, as the outcome may not always be perfect. While purebred dogs will always look like their parents, hybrids may have more similarities to one parent or a different personality. Even though you may be looking for a small Yorkipoo puppy, it might end up being larger than a Teacup Poodle.

You can’t guarantee a purebred, mixed, or mutt dog.

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