Training Small Dogs

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One of the best things you can do for your small dog is to give it obedience training. While obedience training for your small dog might not solve all problems with your small dog’s behavior, yet it could be the foundation for solving most of them. Good obedience training for your dog can well open up a precious line of communication between you and your dog. This is very important as through this; you can instruct your pet to do as you want. Teach your little pet anything right from “Sit’, Stay’ or ‘Down’ to ‘Out.’

Training Small Dogs

Benefits Of Training Small Dogs

Without regular obedience training, dogs will behave like any other animals and destroy your furniture, belongings, and other precious things around the house, dig holes in the garden, bark excessively or become quarrelsome. With the right obedience training for your small dog, you can teach your pet to redirect his natural behavior in socially acceptable ways.

He can also learn to accept you as his master. By obeying your commands of ‘Sit’ or ‘Stay,’ he accepts his secondary position vis-à-vis you. One way of teaching him to be submissive to you is to shake hands with you, roll over, or kiss you—things he can do easily if trained early in life. Besides, small dogs love doing these things as they are pleasant acknowledgments that you are the top boss.

Advantages of Obedience Training for your Small Dog

Usually, dogs’ minds are so complex that they cannot fathom where they fit into the family structure and how they should behave. With training, that confusion is eliminated. Besides, they need to be mentally challenged to remain healthy. If done well, all training can prove to be fun.

Once you give your pet obedience training, you can take him out confidently or let him roam about publicly. He will be safer with training because he now understands your commands. With training, you instill confidence in him, and he, in turn, respects you.

Once he is socially trained to be obedient, he can prove good with kids and guests.

Disadvantages of Not Training your Dog:

With training, you establish yourself as the dog’s master, but he can rise to his instinctual behavior and establish himself as the master if left untrained.

If untrained, he can feel unimportant and ignored and will dominate you and your family as he establishes his alpha leader status.

Obedience Training Commands:

Here are some basic commands for training your pet:

Sit: Your dog must get into the sitting position.

Stay: Your dog must continue to sit till the time you decide to release him from that position.

Down: Your dog is down on his elbows while his rear legs touch the floor.

Come: Calling out to your dog by name (e.g., “Brownie”) is the same as saying “Come.”

Heel: Let his head or shoulder remain parallel to your left leg.

With such training, you could soon have an obedient and pleasant pet around the house.

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