Yorkshire-Terrier Dogs, Information About Yorkshire-Terrier Dog Breed

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Facts About Yorkshire-Terrier Dog Breed

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed of dog. It is a lovable dog with incredible personality and a big attitude. This small, cuddly, and cute dog thinks itself to be the biggest animal on the block. This fluff balls, the Yorkie when in a competition looks as it is gliding across the floor. This is because of their long hairs that are all the way to their feet.

If you are thinking to buy a Yorkshire and looking out for more information on him, read below:

Yorkshire-Terrier Description

The following characteristics make this breed look cute and lovable. Also, these make them easily adaptable at home.

    • Yorkshire terrier is 6-7 inches in height and weighs seven pounds on an average.
    • Their life expectancy is 12-15 years.
    • They have a small head which is flat on top and have medium sized muzzle.
    • They have dark eyes, black nose and small erect ears in V shaped.
    • Their legs are straight with round feet and black nails.
    • The Yorkshire coat can be blue, black or silver and there is a tan on their heads and legs.

Yorkshire-Terrier Characteristics

The Yorkshire terrier is the top choice of the Americans as an apartment dog.

  • They love to walk around in the yard but it is not necessary to have one. Some dogs never move out of their apartment as their masters teach them to make use of litter box. You can play with your yorkie an indoor game of fetch to keep them healthier.
  • Yorkies like to dig, to explore and love to scramble so when you leave Yorkshire terrier outside make sure it is a secure area.
  • Yorkshire terriers are quite sociable and they like to have all the attention. But, they fear toddlers as they think toddlers. Thus, at times become irritable around toddlers. A yorkie with an exceptional personality will not mind toddlers to play with them but it is unfair on part of Yorkshire to be treated like a toy.
  • They are prone to accidents and injuries owing to their small size.
  • Yorkshire terrier, as they mature can become stubborn and develop the diva attitude. For this reason it will be beneficial to get your puppy trained.

Yorkshire-Terrier Health Problems and Grooming

  • Yorkshire terriers can develop some health problems like hernias or hypoglycaemia.
  • These small little cute dogs do not eat much food. Don’t always provide them with soft food unless they cannot eat dry food.
  • They can also have problems with their teeth thus it is important that you feed them dry food which is better for their teeth. You need to keep their teeth very clean to prevent them from any dental problems.
  • Yorkies need to be brushed and groomed at least thrice a week to prevent tangles. The dogs that have silkier coats are needed to be brushed only once a week.

So, if you want a dog with good personality and character, this fantastic lap dog could be best for you.

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